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The exceptional treasures hidden in the backyards of our minds have mostly not been discovered. We still don’t know enough about the buried gems of our subconscious. These are the visions, the symbols, the verbal messages, and the accompanying complex imagery we see in our dreams – they come to us when we listen to our minds instead of our hearts, when we’re so worried about other things that we lose touch with our inner voice. Our dreams bring real answers from deep inside. They map our way to love and happiness. Kasamba’s psychic dream analysts can help you chart your dreams to reach your destination.

A dream analysis explores the contents of your dreams, interpreting symbolic meanings and representations to reveal your underlying feelings, motivations, and desires. It is a vehicle to learn about your own subconscious blocks and memories that may be holding you back from experiencing happiness and fulfillment on the soul level. It is your own soul’s unique way of messaging you, bringing word from deep within to the surface.

People come from different cultures and have distinct personal backgrounds. A spider, for example, may symbolize good luck for one person, and bad luck for another. Spider is also known to be the totem animal of writers, and a powerful symbol of feminine energy. The only way you can get the right individual message from each symbol is through personal dream analysis. A dream analysis online will allow you to instantly connect to a dream interpreter and learn about the particular meanings of your own dreams at any time of the day or night.
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