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"I am confident that there truly is such a thing as living again." —Socrates Philosophers, sages, mystics, and a growing number of western scientists agree that energy doesn’t disappear; it changes form instead. From ice to water to vapor, then back to water. Such is the human journey also, with our soul energy changing form, growing, evolving, as we advance throughout many lives. We never cease to exist, and we have much more experience under our belts than we recognize.

It is easier for little children to remember memories from previous lives with details. A recent online article featured a three-year-old boy remembering the place, time and details of his past-life death, in his own village, the same place he chose to be born in this lifetime. He recalled his old name, his previous relatives’ names and village elders confirmed the existence of such a person. There have also been stories of people remembering having lives as members of religions, ethnicities, or groups that they feel opposed to in this lifetime!

Sometimes we meet a new person but we can swear we know him or her from before. The feeling is sure and powerful; our heart just knows it. Our dreams too remind us about our previous lives and the people in them. Past life readings help bring to surface many of those memories that got buried as we moved from life to life. They help us remember our own wisdom and make sense of our past and present in this lifetime.
A past life reading offers a window into our past lifetimes, providing us an understanding of our early fate and current life. Past life readings can help unravel the mysteries behind some of our current issues, repeated cycles, recurring dreams, and all those difficult-to-deal-with situations that feel just way too deeply rooted in our psyches. Past life readings can help us understand ourselves from a more insightful and profound place.

For a truly satisfying past life analysis:
  • Go with your instinct. Pick a past life psychic you instantly like from the list above. Take a look at their reviews and ratings.
  • Try 3 new past life readers and get 3-free minutes! Ask questions, get answers, and find out if you chose the right reader for you.
  • When you find the right reader, stay for a detailed analysis beyond three minutes!
As eternal human souls, we’ve been given the chance to explore existence from many different angles. We’ve all been women and men, we’ve been from the east and the west, we’ve all lived in different eras, and we stood for different ideals in different lives. It’s a rich reality, where we learn more and more about our deep spiritual nature and our capacity to love more and more with each lifetime. Reincarnation is a blessing – it is for us to grow and evolve.

Discovering your past lives can help you understand the bigger picture of your soul’s journey. You’ve existed beyond time and space, and you’re much stronger than you think you are. Looking into your past lives can help bring together the pieces of the puzzles of this lifetime, and help you tap into your inner force and path. Empower yourself emotionally and spiritually with a past life reading and begin to feel truly in charge of your life today.
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