How to Read All Your Dreams in 3 Simple Steps

Have you ever wondered if you could decipher your own dreams? From the simple one-scene dreams to long, complex ones with different people, places and themes, dreams come in many forms and from many different emotional and spiritual places in your psyche. They might be guiding you to a better life, answering your deep inner questions, or even providing you with psychic insights about situations, people, and your future. Reading your own dreams can be a key to improving your personal wellness, health, success, and joy.

Here's how to do it in three easy steps.

1. Identify how important your dream is
how important your dream is how important your dream is

Remember the “quality” of the dream you had. Did it feel like it was a confusing mix of real-life influences – such as bits from the horror movie you saw the night before combined with what your mom said on the phone the other day, the strange cat you spotted while driving, and some heavy sensations in your belly that might have something to do with the extra-large pepperoni pizza you had before going to bed.

You are affected by everything – from the amount of water you drink to what you eat, to the things you hear and read every day, including even the shortest videos you watch on social media – all of which can change the way you dream. So, to establish that your dream is a psychic or a spiritual dream that’s worth interpreting, ask yourself this question: were you in a good place when you went to bed? Was it just another night where you had a relatively comfortable tummy, a normal state of mind, without any major physical ailment or pain? If your answer is yes, then your dream is likely coming from a deep place in your psyche.

Another way to establish that your dream is a divine messenger is to see how long the memory of it lingers in you after you wake up. If you’re still haunted by it hours or days later, it’s a big signal. Important dreams are always memorable, and they tend to keep “nagging” you for a while, sometimes a really long time, because they want to be understood by you.

If you’re worrying about a dream that is too similar to the crime movie you watched the day before, you might want to let go. It probably doesn’t mean anything.

2. Identify the main theme and symbols
dream theme and symbols dream theme and symbols

Let’s imagine you dreamt that your red shoes were stolen. The main themes in this dream are: a pair of shoes that belong to you, the color red, and losing an item to theft. So, whenever you have a dream that moves you, make a list of the most important symbols – we suggest keeping a dream journal, but you could also write them down on a sticky paper, if that’s all you find in the middle of the night (or in the morning).

Let’s continue with the red shoes dream for the sake of example.

  • The shoes – what do shoes symbolize for you? Freedom? Autonomy? Dressing to impress? Comfort? Luxury? What are the first words that come to your mind when you think of shoes? What types of associations do you make – mental, emotional, and spiritual? Do you have any memories that come to your mind when you think of shoes? Maybe your mother gave you a beautiful pair when you won a contest in first grade and you loved that pair and wore it every day – a positive experience, one that might have to do with winning an award and maternal support.
  • The color red – does the color red mean passion and energy for you? Or warning and danger? Do you like this color? What do you associate with it? And what do you think about red shoes in general? Sexy power-dressing, a fun alternative, or clown feet? Do you actually happen to have a pair of red shoes in your shoe closet? What are your feelings about them? Make a list of what red means for you, and what red shoes in particular symbolize for you.
  • Losing an item to theft – have you ever experienced theft in real life? Did you lose an item or items you loved? Is it one of your deep fears, or not something you think about much? Did you see who stole your shoes in the dream? It would be extra meaningful if it’s someone you know. What that person symbolizes to you is key to interpreting this dream. For example, that person might be about to harm you by stealing your red (power) shoes (independence).
3. Identify the main feeling
main feeling in your dream main feeling in your dream

Once you establish that your dream is a divine messenger from your psyche and you identify the main symbols/themes, try to remember how you felt as the dream was taking place. If you don’t exactly remember, just close your eyes and reimagine the dream in your mind’s eye. Pay attention to the sensations in your body and the subtle feelings you might be experiencing.

Do you actually feel relieved that your red shoes are gone – finally? Maybe you feel liberated or happy? Or quite the opposite – do you feel a sense of loss, sadness, or stress? Not knowing what to do…

The feeling you identify is part of your dream’s message – most likely, it’s indicative of how your subconscious, unexplored, or repressed emotions are about to affect your life. They are coming to the surface and they need you to know.

Common Dream Symbols

While we believe in personal interpretations, as each symbol evokes completely individual and unique associations in each person’s psyche, a common dreams’ dictionary can be a good starting point. Here are several symbols that can be universal.

  • House – houses tend to represent “soul space,” meaning your inner state of being. If it’s house you grew up in and loved, your psyche is pointing at positive childhood events that are affecting you today. If it’s a house you grew up in but your memories aren’t good, your psyche is telling you to go back to those moments in your childhood to explore what went wrong, and how you’re still affected today.
  • ID card – they tend to represent who you are as an adult, but more so the persona you project to the outer world, than your inner vulnerabilities and fears. This can mean what you look like, what you wear, what your business title is, etc.
  • Dog – dogs tent to represent soft, loyal, friendly influences, unless you personally have had bad experiences with them.
  • The Moon – this universal symbol tends to represent subconscious forces, mystery, unknowns, and surrender. It might also have to do with the lunar cycle – a woman’s period. But like it is with every other symbol, if you see the moon in your dream, ask yourself if you have other associations with it.

Additional tips

Sometimes, despite all the guidance around us and our personal efforts, we just don’t see what’s in front of us. It can seem easy to learn how to read a dream but end up being difficult to apply it in our lives only because we’re too in it, with many emotions and expectations involved.

To take dream interpretation to a whole other level, you can explore your dreams with our expert psychic dream analyzers. Years of experience has allowed them to see it all – they know the right questions to ask you, and the right symbols to focus on, and they have the right intuitive tools to decipher your future.

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