Birthday Horoscope
Happy Birthday, Sagittarius! If you had to describe the previous year in one word, it would likely be: rollercoaster. There were moments of triumph, moments of sorrow, and moments of stillness. Over the past year, you got to see and get to know a whole new side of you. You are entering the new year with a stronger sense of love for yourself. Let’s jump into what awaits this wondrous birthday year!
January might not be the explosive, exciting start that we hoped for, as it starts with two retrogrades in place (Venus and Uranus). You might not feel fully like yourself, and you may even feel slightly detached as Uranus retrograde can have this effect. In the middle of January, Mercury will be joining the retrograde planets, too. This will make communication complicated, and technology will start messing up. For example, you may get mad because you think that your partner hasn’t texted you for 10 hours, while in reality, their phone service provider isn’t working properly. Calmness and patience are going to be needed in January and February. Single signs may feel extra flirty around Spring Equinox, resulting in many date offers.

An older person of foreign descent will come across your path in between April and July and will impress you with their unique yet refreshing understanding of the world. This person might have that something that you are looking for in a partner, activating butterflies in your stomach. However, will the timing be right? I guess you will have to wait and see, Sagittarius. Taken (unmarried) signs might feel a new type of pressure starting in March and April. Wedding season is starting, and you may receive a lot of intruding questions which can lead you to feeling uneasy; even maybe even slightly weird about your relationship. If you feel like this pressure is coming from your partner too, then it might be time to have a serious conversation about the relationship as well as managing expectations. A period of tension will arise around the time of the Full Lunar Eclipse (November) between you and your partner, especially if something from the past still hasn’t been resolved. At the end of the year, single signs might find themselves zig zagging between wanting to be with someone just to be reminded of how it feels to be loved and wanting to be alone because they are too focused at achieving their goals to make time for someone else. Which side will win?

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Even though you are a fantastic worker, you may still struggle with days and periods where you just can’t seem to be able to hit the mark. This is actually quite normal for Sagittarius signs. You are the definition of a free and open-minded spirit, and you don’t like constraints of any sorts. However, this isn’t always great for the work space. In 2022, you are entering the year with a few goals in mind: 1. true financial stability 2. stable employment with a good salary. Managing money is hard, let alone in the middle of a pandemic. You did the best that you could, but January will be singing a different song. Create a goal of a realistic amount of money that you can save and set aside from the start of this year until January 2023. Create financial plans, budgets, and try creating a passive stream of income this year. In March and April, you might find yourself wondering if your job is something that you want to do anymore. You may have an idea for an independent business, or have a desire for a more creative or liberating career path. For a Sagittarius, a career where traveling is required would be ideal as it will feed your lust for knowledge and experience. If you can find a way to make this possible, 2022 is highly encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone in regards to your career. Perhaps it’s time to find your sacred calling, if you don’t feel like you already have one. Your confidence is going to be closely tied to your success in 2022. The more confident you are (or seem), the more people will pay attention to you and want to hear what you have to say. Master the art of communicating in professional settings, add in a sprinkle of your Sagittarius charm, and you will be unstoppable this year.

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November 2022: Astrology favors making some drastic changes in the month of November. If you are someone with a sweet tooth or you like to have a drink with every meal, try cutting these guilty pleasures out. Dedicate yourself a bit more to your health - your body will be thankful. Key date: 8th of November - Jupiter will station back into direct, and it will send out good energy to Sagittarius signs. If you have an idea that you have been wanting to pitch to someone or to your superiors, this day will be ideal for that.

December 2022: For most people, December will be all about slowing down. For Sagittarius signs, December will bring new friends, new places and new perspectives. Those who feel extra spontaneous should travel abroad before Christmas starts. Key date: 7th of December - On this day, there will be a Full Moon in Gemini. This will make you feel extra in tune with your feelings, and you will have no problems talking about the things that have been weighing on your heart. The beauty of vulnerability will set you free!

January 2023: The first month of the year asks you to start a new path by detaching yourself from old patterns. Key date: the 21st of January - The New Moon in Aquarius will help you sow the seeds for a fresh start.

February 2023: Acknowledge your past efforts and let your talents shine as you achieve your goals. Key date: the 5th of February- The Full Moon in Leo helps you align to your heart's desires and express your unique identity with the rest of the world.

March 2023: Commit to your deepest intentions and face your inner fears with courage and awareness. Key date: the 7th of March - Saturn enters the sensitive sign of Pisces to help you forge a stronger spiritual path.

April 2023: Keep yourself open to different options without clinging to the first one you meet. Key date: the 11th of April - Your adventurous spirit thrives on meeting new people, and Venus in the sociable sign of Gemini will bring you exciting experiences in your social sphere.

May 2023: You have plenty of enthusiasm and drive, so it's time to get down to work and put your ideas into action. Key date: the 16th of May - Jupiter, your ruling planet, enters in the sensual sign of Taurus, making your goals more grounded and down-to-earth.

June 2023: reminding youself of the real reason you embarked on the path of knowledge you are treading. This lunation will help you refocus and prevent you from drifting off. Key date: the 3rd of June - The Full Moon in your zodiac sign will help you expand your horizons.

July 2023: You tend to focus mainly on the big picture, which leads you to find flaws in the process. Take advantage of this energy to better organize your schedule and optimize your performance. Key date: the 10th of July - Mars enters Virgo on this day, making your actions more detail-oriented and organized.

August 2023: Watch out for deception, as you will see everything through rose-colored glasses. Key date: the 30th of August - The Full Moon in Pisces will stir your innermost feelings, so try not to overtax yourself on this day.

September 2023: Let this period bring valuable learning into your life, however frustrating it may be. Key date: the 4th of September - Jupiter, your ruling planet, turns retrograde today, prompting you to question your beliefs, knowledge, and the meaning of the path you are following.

October 2023: This time is for encouraging you to follow your passions with determination. Pursue what you love without letting anyone convince you otherwise. Key date: the 12th of October - Mars, the planet of action and desire, enters the intense sign of Scorpio.

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Specializing in : Intuitive Behavior, Tarot, Psychic / Psychic Mediums
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Specializing in : Intuitive Behavior, Tarot, Psychic / Psychic Mediums
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