Birthday Horoscope
Happy Birthday, Libra! How you managed to carry yourself during these hard times is truly admirable. Libras are known for their classiness, after all. This year will bring new challenges, but new opportunities as well. You will get a glimpse of how far you can go if you just push yourself harder and organize your time a bit better. Let’s jump into what awaits this wondrous birthday year!
Libra signs who are in serious relationships may feel a little shocked as the year starts. Uranus and Venus will be in retrograde, which is going to cause some slightly clouded feelings. Perhaps there is some bitterness that developed during the holidays, or during New Year’s Eve? In the middle of January, a third retrograde will be joining - Mercury retrograde. Communication might feel weird; like you are just barely not on the same beat, if you know what I mean. You just can’t seem to sync up. This will all disappear by spring. Single signs will also feel in the mood to flirt and socialize once Spring Equinox takes place, even if they were out of the dating scene for a longer period of time. April might even be the time that many Libra signs are going to explore relationship territories with their new interest.

July carries exciting news for Libra signs. Expansion is a big motive for this month. This doesn’t always have to mean something super big and grandiose. For some couples, this can mean feeling ready to have a pet together. However, October is going to carry good energy in regard to fertility. So, if your partner and you are thinking about babies, this might be a good thing to keep in mind. All in all, taken Libras will feel like they are a true power couple duo with their partner. You just feel so connected and in tune, it’s almost like you can read each other’s minds.

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This year is going to be extremely fruitful for dedicated and hardworking Libra signs. Especially for those who are diving into creating their own business, creative fields, science, and finances. Of course, the year will also be extremely exciting with new challenges for Libra signs who work in other fields, but due to the planetary transitions that will occur this year, people in the previously mentioned areas of work are going to shine extra bright. Whether you are someone who likes to work alone or with colleagues, socialization and connections are going to play a big role in your career this year. Big money to be made in August and September. Some of your friends or family members are going to connect you with the right people who will get you where you need to be in life. There might be an inheritance, loan or settlement that will reveal itself during November. Even though there will be lots of opportunities, you will need to find a moment between July and November to go on holiday. Your body and your mind will simply start cracking if you keep doing this to yourself. In December, you will feel ready to create a plan or at least put your ideas/thoughts on paper when it comes to how you see 2023, and what goals you will have for that year.

All in all, things will definitely be different than last year. However, remember to keep your stress levels at a lower level because you will also feel a lot of pressure to earn a lot of money during this year. Your wellbeing is the most important thing, Libra. Never forget that.

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September 2022: If you haven’t had the chance until now, September is going to be a great time to schedule a holiday. It would be ideal if the location was near a body of water. Don’t forget to pack a good SPF cream! Key date: 25th of September - There will be a new Moon in Libra. Try to take some time to reflect by journaling. What have you been thankful for? How have you been showing love to yourself?

October 2022: If you are taken, you are your partner are going to be *the* power couple during October. If you are trying to get pregnant, this might be a good time period to start. Planetary transits will be in favor of fertility. Key date: 10th of October - Mercury, the planet that governs communication, is going to enter Libra. This is going to make conversations flow like never before. Your sense of humor will be pristine.

November 2022: Trust your instincts because they will lead you to the right path. Even if it feels weird in the beginning, you will know in your heart and your soul when you are doing the right thing. Key date: 23rd of November - Jupiter is going to station back into direct, making this an extremely lucky day for you. You may even have good luck with finances, so expect some extra income on this day. Who knows, you might even find some money on the street? Perhaps think about donating some of this extra good luck.

December 2022: Single signs, just know that someone will express their true feelings about you. Are you ready to commit or do you still want to roam around and explore? That’s something that only you know. Key date: 7th of December - On this day, there will be a Full Moon in Gemini, inspiring you to get more in touch with your artistic side. If you are a writer - write! If you want to experiment with clay - do it! If you are a painter - pick up that brush!

January 2023: It is an excellent day to make an act of charity and engage in creative pursuits. Key date: the 26th of January - Venus, your ruling planet, enters dreamy Pisces this day, making your relationships more empathetic and soulful.

February 2023: Share your creative ideas with others, without worrying about how weird or innovative they are. Key date: the 11th of February - Mercury's entry into Aquarius is the boost you need .

March 2023: Share a good wine and relaxing massage session with your partner and enjoy life without worrying about tomorrow. Key date: the 16th of March - Your ruling planet Venus enters into the grounding sign of Taurus, making your interactions more sensual and enjoyable.

April 2023: This time is good to encouraging you to work hard to fulfill your inner purpose. Invest your efforts in those projects that are truly worthwhile. Key date: the 14th of April - Saturn, the planet of commitment and ambition, positively connects with the North Node

May 2023: Whatever is destroyed during this process in this difficult time will open the way for more potent beliefs to emerge for yourself. Key date: the 17th of May - Jupiter squares Pluto on this day, which will throw your beliefs and the deeper meaning of your life's path into crisis.

June 2023: Any new contacts you make during this time will help shape creative projects for your future development. Key date: the 18th of June - The Full Moon in Gemini will give you the chance to start a new cycle in a playful and friendly atmosphere.

July 2023: Well, the passage of Mercury into Leo will give you the courage to express your innermost feelings without fear of the consequences. Key date: the 11th of July - You have an outgoing and pleasant personality, but you can worry about what other people think of you at times.

August 2023: Bringing obstacles to those relationships that are not aligned with your higher self. Old flames may pop up for closure, so don't get your hopes too high. Key date: 22th of July - Venus, the planet of love, and self-worth, turns retrograde today.

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Specializing in : Intuitive Behavior, Tarot, Psychic / Psychic Mediums
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Specializing in : Intuitive Behavior, Tarot, Psychic / Psychic Mediums
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