Birthday Horoscope
Happy Birthday, Virgo! You probably can’t say that last year was easy for you. However, you have grown and discovered new things about yourself. This year is going to be all about personal transformation, career development, and elements of sudden change. But this year will also carry a sprinkle of glitter. Let’s jump into what awaits this enthralling birthday year!
Virgos in relationships may feel tension at the beginning of the year in regards to their partner. Just know that this is normal since we are starting off the year with a few retrogrades in place (Uranus and Venus). Just as Uranus goes back into direct orbit, Mercury will enter retrograde during the middle of January. This will make communication extra taxing and complicated. You might get into arguments with your partner, friends, or family since this Mercury retrograde will heavily impact Mercurial signs (Gemini, and you, Virgo). Try to focus on communicating clearly, and if you get upset with a loved one, try to take a breather. Meditation and breathwork are going to get you through some of January’s difficulties.

By February, Venus will enter direct orbit, and will make your love life much easier; no matter if you are single, dating, taken or married. This would be a good time for taken Virgos to reflect on their partnership and to find ways to make the dynamic more romantic and more intimate. Perhaps a short getaway trip would be nice. Single signs might feel tempted to text past partners, however, this is not recommended. Ask yourself: “What do I want from my next relationship? Do I really feel ready to truthfully share my life with someone? Am I ready to be vulnerable?”. Once you answer these questions and have a little discussion with yourself, you’ll feel more confident when it comes to dating. March/April will be advantageous for those who decide to date.

People with Aquarius, Pisces, and Aries placements are going to be particularly attractive and interesting to Virgos. Since there will be a lot of focus on communication this year, the person with who you will have compelling and humorous conversations is going to be the person that wins your heart. The summer will be a great time for family expansion and for making big decisions in your relationship, such as marriage and moving in together. A new person might pique your interest at the beginning of October when Venus enters Scorpio. This person may not be ideal for you, but they have something magnetic about them. Be careful, Virgo. The end of the year is going to have complex communication again, but luckily, you have learned from your previous mistakes and experiences; and you know what you should and shouldn’t do or say.

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For most Virgos, last year was especially taxing financially. Tough decisions had to be made regarding spending and saving money, although impulsive decisions were still made sometimes. Money, discipline, and guilt had strong relationship in 2021. However, in 2022, things will be a bit different. Now, you are ready to actually live, rather than feeling like you are barely getting by. Install those tracking apps, and write down how much you spend.

Create a budget that will serve you throughout the year. Set financial goals for yourself, since this will motivate a unique feeling of drive and passion. During the first half of 2022, you will be perfecting some of your skills; but you will also learn new, viable skills that will take you to the next level in regards to your career. Of course, there will be some ups and some downs; along with the days where you will feel like quitting everything and raising some sheep on your own on a remote island. These days shouldn’t demotivate you. Virgos often have a problem with taking breaks, and asking for help, particularly when it comes to work. By the end of the year, you will have a chance to collaborate with someone who will inspire your future path when it comes to your career. Remember, Virgo, when you have a day when you feel like you are going to explode because of work stress, take a mental health day and find a way to relax.

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August 2022: You can simply feel it in your bones. You are at a very important time in your life, Virgo. Things are so much different than two years ago, from three years ago. From how you saw your life. But other things feel more normal, like you are going back to your true self. Just do your best and be honest with yourself, and you will persevere. Key date: 22nd of August - The Sun officially enters Virgo, so happy birthday Virgo! Try to give yourself more time to do things that you love doing.

September 2022: Somebody kind and genuine is going to be introduced to you this month. There will be an instant feeling of familiarity. For single signs, this might even mean a potential love interest. Key date: 5th of September - Venus, the planet that governs love, will enter Virgo on this day. This will enhance your romantic energy. You may feel more open to intimacy and flirty behavior on this day.

October 2022: Someone who has Gemini and/or Leo placements is going to have some great advice for you. This will also strengthen your relationship with them. Key date: 8th of October - On this day, Pluto will go back into direct and it will loosen up. This will elevate your mood. Pluto is known to be a heavy planet. Stick to doing the things that make you happy.

November 2022: In November, things are finally going to slightly slow down. You’ll already feel satisfied with what you have done, because it got you where you are. Key date: 17th of November - Mercury, the planet that governs communication, will enter Sagittarius. This sign is known to be free-spirited and philosophical. Perhaps traveling or experiencing another culture would be great.

December 2022: It may sound like December is so far away, but once it happens, you will have that feeling of: “Wow, time flew by.” Remember what makes you yourself and relax. Key date: 29th of December - Even though it might sound crazy, but this Mercury retrograde is going to do you some good. Spend some time on your own. But also plan social activities. Don’t spend time with people who give you a bad vibe.

January 2023: Key date: the 12th of January - Mars turns direct on this day, making you feel vital and passionate about your life's purpose again. Take conscious action to kick-start your new year's resolutions.

February 2023: Key date: the 18th of February - The Sun enters Pisces today, your complementary opposite sign. This transit invites you to put aside your skepticism and logic and give way to your intuition to emerge. Indulge your imagination and feel the universal connection between everything around you.

March 2023: Key date: the 7th of March - The Full Moon in your zodiac sign gives you a sense of completion that will bring your last cycle to an end. This will be a very emotional day, so allow yourself to feel everything unrestricted.

April 2023: Key date: the 11th of April - The entrance of Venus in Gemini will encourage you to be more confident in your social dealings. Take this opportunity to meet new people and venture out of your comfort zone.

May 2023: Key date: the 5th of May - The Full Moon in Scorpio will bring to the surface those intense emotions that make you uncomfortable. Use your analytical mind to find the root of your discomfort in order to release them once and for all.

June 2023: Key date: the 26th of June - Your speech will be at the service of your emotions with the entrance of Mercury in the nurturing sign of Cancer. You may become more inhibited when communicating with strangers. Trust your intuition.

July 2023: Key date: the 10th of July - Mars enters your zodiac sign on this day, making you more courageous and independent. Take advantage of this energy to embark on a new and exciting project.

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Specializing in : Intuitive Behavior, Tarot, Psychic / Psychic Mediums
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Specializing in : Intuitive Behavior, Tarot, Psychic / Psychic Mediums
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