Birthday Horoscope
Happy Birthday, Aquarius! Your 2022 will be influenced by the strong and radical energies from Saturn, that will push you to find the right path and follow your heart. A year full of changes and new beginnings awaits: read on to find out what's in store for you this adventurous birthday year!
2021 was a year of renewal for you, and 2022 instead represents your rebirth. Many of you have had to close important relationships in recent months and make difficult, but necessary decisions. The year that has just begun will bring you new challenges and new chapters that you will be able to face with the complicity of very favorable transits during the first quarter. You have on your side the strength and desire to fight even where there are difficulties, so it will be a perfect year to fix difficult relationships and to re-flourish together.

Singles will have a chance for special encounters right on Valentine's Day, when Mercury enters your sign and favors good luck in dating. Not just fleeting encounters, the first part of the year will see solid couples emerge with potential for long-term relationships. In spring, you will feel self-confident and attractive, in fact you will have a line of suitors waiting for your attention: take advantage of it and follow your intuition. For those who do not know how to take advantage of these transits, do not worry, your charm will continue to impress and, especially around autumn, many positive transits will favor special meetings.

Those who are in a relationship need to watch out for ambiguous situations, especially during the first quarter. Temptations will be many and you may risk feeling bored and look for attention elsewhere. For man of you, the influence of Mars will bring the desire to end relationships that no longer give joy and start again with a new life. The suffering will be temporary, and as soon as you feel free from toxic relationships, you will rediscover yourself happy and confident. The last part of the year will be the right time to think about weddings, and many of you will take the plunge!

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2022 will be a year full of excitement about career and personal growth. Your focus will be on quality and not quantity. You will choose what really makes you happy and satisfies your soul, many of you will be able to turn a passion into your main job. Above all, June, with favorable Jupiter and Mars, will bring you great success and interesting proposals. You will continue to feel the need for renewal, the same urge you felt during 2021 that will now become concrete with effective changes. Favor the opening of new companies and start up projects, especially between summer and autumn.

As for finances, watch out for the first few months of the year, which could be a slow phase in terms of earnings and there could be some unexpected expenses. Starting in March, finances will have a remarkable recovery, with new opportunities to earn and possible salary increases. Try to take advantage of the positive influences of Jupiter during May and June, to build excellent networks that may turn out to be profitable in the future.

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February 2022: A creative February, especially for artistic projects and original ones. You are full of energy and you would like to propose your ideas, and this is positive, but try not to encourage discussions during the last part of the month where the energies could bring some misunderstandings with colleagues. Mercury brings you exciting opportunities regarding love, especially for you, singles! During the second week of the month, a special person will enter your life, be ready to live intense emotions!

March 2022: As spring approaches, you will feel blooming, full of positive energy. You will feel attractive and confident and this will promote a busy social life. Important and passionate encounters for singles and strong emotions for relationships. Those who are going through a deep crisis in relationships, will feel the courage needed to make important decisions and to find the right way. Mars in the sign gives you courage and desire to fight for your happiness! Also, regarding career and finances, March is a good period to affirm your commitment and to receive recognition.

April 2022: Spring is your golden time of year and you'll definitely feel it. It is the right time to act for those who dream of turning a passion into a job; you can risk: planets are in your favor. For those who dreamed of changing jobs, possible offers from other companies will arrive. Love is great, the meetings made in March become more solid relationships and couples will begin to think about a solid future project. It's the perfect time to devote yourself to leisure and self-care, maybe even following your instinct: take the first flight and take a trip that you will remember forever (obviously with your loved one but if you are single, no problem, there will be no lack of meetings). The only less positive note concerns some unforeseen expenses but you will be able to cope with them serenely.

May 2022: Love will be again the protagonist in your lives thanks to Venus: for couples in crisis there will be the possibility of reconciliation while for those who live ambiguous situations, it will be the right time to choose. Singles will find love, and those who have no desire to commit, will be able to live temporary but exciting stories. Good news at work will give you the right charge to propose your ideas.

June 2022: A slower month about love and relationships, try to avoid unnecessary arguments. Venus in disfavour could bring some tension especially in older couples, if boredom arises do not blame the partner but try to commit to finding harmony. Good energy at work, excellent relationship with colleagues and are favoured changes. I know, you have already 'faced several changes but for you, the search for happiness is a reason to live. So keep it up, never stop, and continue to pursue your path. Jupiter and Mars in favor ensure strength, energy and confidence in themselves and their abilities.

July 2022: In July, Mars could bring tensions and nervousness, especially in the family and with colleagues. Despite this, you will still manage to maintain balance, especially at work. Beware also of clashes with your partner, you may experience a period of high stress during the last part of the month. Singles do not expect important meetings, July is a month that invites you to personal reflection and solitude. Maybe it's the right time to start that famous Yoga class....

August 2022: August is very much unexciting in terms of love. You will feel tired and need to spend some time alone, with yourself, with your doubts and thoughts. A perfect time to reflect, with a dissonant Uranus inviting you to understand what is not making you grow but is only blocking you. A vacation, perhaps in solitude, is ideal.

September 2022: September starts off with positive energies, with favorable Jupiter but also Mars and Mercury. After careful reflection and, for some, even suffering, you are ready to get back to work and start thinking about a new life project. Some of you will make radical changes, changing lifestyles, people or even in the smallest, a haircut. It does not matter how big the changes are, what matters is the desire to pursue happiness. Happiness does not mean to be always happy but to be connected with the present moment, to feel alive, and this is what you will try to manifest.

October 2022: A particularly active and interesting autumn with Mars and Venus in favor, which will help you solve problems that seemed complex and overcome obstacles that seemed insurmountable. New proposals at work and also possible changes of role ( for the better). Love is going well, those who have created ambiguous situations will finally receive and give more clarity, while those who have feared being alone will find a special person towards the end of the month. Happy Halloween!

November 2022: November begins with dissonant energies, but you don't let them discourage you, especially at work, where you feel stronger and more appreciated. In love, there may be disagreements but you have reached an awareness that allows you to understand what (and who) really matters to you. Be kind to yourself and others, and learn to forgive. The last days of the month could be particularly serene and lucky.

December 2022: A happy and creative month to end the year on a high note, full of serenity for the changes faced, the obstacles overcome and the emotions felt. You will feel grateful and proud of yourself. You deserve a gift, maybe a day at the spa to regenerate from the hardships of a year full of exciting changes and, at times, difficult. A lover from the past may return to your life in the first part of the month. While some people will receive a marriage proposal! Relationships that are born in December can be special and lasting, maybe you will kiss under the mistletoe!

January 2023: The year 2023 is off to a great start, with Venus and Sun giving you courage and a desire to commit to ambitious projects. Love is never boring, you will feel charged and full of initiative, your partner will feel loved and appreciated. Beware of expenses, try to better manage your finances, you may be spending too much on unnecessary things. This is a year where you will try to appreciate what is around you, loving the essential and getting rid of everything that is superfluous. Have a great start to 2023!

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