Birthday Horoscope
Happy Birthday, Sagittarius! Your love life may be in store for some calm, yet rewarding, phases in the year ahead. In addition, your career path looks to be entering a financially lucrative time! Read on to find out what awaits you this exciting birthday year!
Last year had a lot of spice and love life developments, but the next birthday year should be a lot more calm "relatively" speaking. If you are someone who is used to excitement and drama (like a lot of you fire signs tend to be), you may find the next 12 months to be a bit boring. The good news is that you have time to let the dust settle from any big changes that were implemented last year. It is a wonderful year to nurture relationships with family, friends, and loved ones. You are likely to be love-oriented this year, whether it is romantic, familial, or platonic-based relationships.

For Singles, watch out for the first quarter of 2022, where there is a greater risk to have a clash with a "bad boy/girl" type. This is a smooth operator that leaves your life just as quickly as they entered. Unfortunately, it is a harder birthday year to find genuine soul connections that can last a lifetime. For anyone who is looking for "fun" not "serious", this is not bad news. For those singles who are just too busy to be bogged down by dating and formalities, it is actually the type of year you are looking for. For anyone upset by this information, do know that sometimes life can surprise us all. Your birthday path is not set in stone, and the choices you make sometimes affect things in a major way. The luckiest months for loves for singles are in the second half of 2022, with August and October 2022 being the standout months for luck in love.

For those who are taken, it may not be the luckiest birthday year of your life for your relationship. That said, there are some positive phases ahead. There is an especially positive time for your intimacy around mid-May 2022. The lunar eclipse in Scorpio will allow for some intriguing times with your significant other behind closed doors. Another positive time comes up post-Venus retrograde, in February through March of 2022, with romantic communications getting a big boost. On the flip side, do watch out for the Solar eclipse in Scorpio in late October 2022, which can cause power struggles in the relationship. The overall luckiest months of love for those in relationships are March and May of 2022.

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There may be more career-based changes than love-based chances on your life course this upcoming birthday year. One of the biggest changes may be with who you are working for. Expect for changes in some of the people who are around you on your wok path. Also, if you have a job you dread going to, this IS the time to make big shifts with your career. It is an opportune time, starting as early as January 2022 for going back to school or switching careers entirely. Those who use this birthday year to gain more education or experience, will find that they are rewarded for their labors. The luckiest phase for your career path is during the 2nd quarter of 2022, where you have the most paths to choose from.

Financially, it is the dreaded word you avoid thinking about: savings. Some of the positives for this birthday year include it being a more lucrative time for money-making. The risk is incredibly high that you will be impulsively spending, particularly towards your birthday and major holidays. If you can challenge yourself to set aside money for the proverbial rainy day, you, you will not be sorry. Do not be afraid to talk to a money wise friend or family member. They can surely give you tips on what to do, if you are not ready to talk to an investor. While your money path is looking good, don't accidently get straddled with enormous debts this year. Think twice (or thrice) before buying that brand new car or home!

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December 2021: The holiday season is looking to be more stressful than usual. There is just so much to do, and not enough time. Your attention span is just not geared to handle some obnoxious family members this year. You may be ready to celebrate more than any other sign, when the month comes to an end. Key Date: December 31st may be your night to party and let loose. If anything spontaneous catches your attention this day, just roll with it. You need a break from the norm!

January 2022: January starts off with added luck for love and romance. Those in a relationship may notice their partner is more attentive than normal. Those who are single are getting more attention than usual, as well. Enjoy how smooth things are going for love matters, as the year begins. Key Date: January 1st is an opportune time for intimacy and affection. It is a wonderful time to go on a date, and to feel lucky in love. Communication with your love interest is quite positive today.

February 2022: Watch out for friction in your social circle. This is a period where there is a higher chance for misunderstandings and betrayal among your friends and loved ones. Typically, the root cause may be something small that escalates. Do not add fuel to the fire right now with gossip or pointless drama. Key Date: Around February 21st, you have an increased risk for miscommunication with others. It is a good day to double-check who you are texting what. Avoid some bickering with your friends with extra common sense today.

March 2022: You may be feeling a little frazzled this month, as responsibilities at home and work pile up. Also, there are bills to worry about, too. Not enough hours in the day, as the saying goes. Your tolerance for the stupidity of others is quite low right now. Try to keep yourself in check, as this negative phase will come to an end sooner than you think. Key Date: Your stress levels are going to be at their highest right around March 12th. This is a good day to go to the spa, park, or some other quiet place where you can be alone.

April 2022: You are being tempted to spend money this month. You may even be wanting to gamble or take risks more than usual. Come up with a plan for how to budget your money this month, or you could end up looking forward to your next paycheck way too soon. Key Date: Try to avoid your spending temptations around April 4th. You may be wanting to do some retail therapy, but it will only cause you more problems in the long-term.

May 2022: This is a month where work-related matters are making you feel weighted down more than normal. Are you considering taking a career-related risk? If so, it is not a bad time to make a big decision. If you are trying to turn a side business into your main source of income, this is an advantageous time to check into things. Key Date: The timing around May 27th, is looking good for introspection and long-term planning. If you are wanting to make some life changes, you have a solid window of opportunity to do some big thinking.

June 2022: You are feeling quite family-oriented this month, whether it is spending time with your extended relatives, or even considering adding to your own family (a baby or pet?). There may be some changes on the home front with people coming and going. If a family member is going away to school or for a job soon, it looks like a positive time or quality time with loved ones. Key Date: When the seasons change on June 21st, reflect on what you value the most in life. Not only is it a good day to count your blessings, but you may also notice that you have vivid memories on this day.

July 2022: Your love interest and you are having a positive phase to consider "next steps" with one another. Whether you or your partner are taking the lead, it is an incredible time for engagements, weddings, or renewal of vows. If you are undecided on your feelings for your partner, it may be a good time to re-evaluate your relationship status. Key Date: The luckiest day for love is July 15th. This is a wonderful day for romance, dating, and companionship. Have fun!

August 2022: If you are feeling like you have some extra time on your hands, it is a great time to start a new hobby or to join a new club. Is there something you always wanted to do in life? It is a great time to get started. Your energy is high, and your natural determination can help with learning a new skill quicker than you think. Key Date: Your enthusiasm to start a new hobby or project is highest around August 30th. The more wild and extreme, the more it will catch your attention.

September 2022: It is an interesting month for your love life, as you may be having more attention than even you know what to do with. You may have someone who is too clingy for your tastes, however. You may want to nip that in the bud before things get worse. Unfortunately, it may be a time where you have to hurt someone's feelings more than you intend. Key Date: You are at your most brutally honest around September 17th. Unfortunately, Mercury Retrograde may be causing you some friction at this time. Expect some hate email or texts if you are "too" honest.

October 2022: As your birthday year winds down, you may be ready to go on the road. You have a vagabond spirit this month, and are not too keen on staying at home this whole month. You are up for some adventures combined with some relaxation. The more time you can afford to take off right now, the better! Key Date: Travel looks best late in October, as close to the 31st as possible. The further away from home you roam, the better off you will be.

November 2022: A major clash with a potential Fire sign comes up around you on your career path this month. Don't let this be a battle of who can have the biggest flame, especially if this person has more power than you do. The good news is that things can calm down before there are any grudges kept, assuming you play your cards right. Key Date: November 18th is when there is the most stress on your career path. Try to not let anyone get under your skin too much, as buttons are surely to be pushed this day.

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