Birthday Horoscope
Happy Birthday, Aries! You are in for quite a dynamic year when it comes to love and romance. In addition, your career path could be facing some golden opportunities for success. Read on to find out what awaits you this exciting birthday year!
Your birthday year's beginning may have you feeling ready to run away from it all, your love interests included! While you have a lot of energy stirring up inside of you, you may be struggling to channel it effectively. The people around you in your social life may be draining you more than they should. Carving out alone time from your busy schedule may help you to overcome any internal challenges that are ongoing. Socially, you may be feeling more like yourself after you get past late-May's Lunar eclipse in Sagittarius. You may have forgotten what it feels like to be truly emotionally balanced, but your friends will welcome you back and remind you to always be your true self.

For the Single Aries, you may be feeling a calling to find "The One" more than ever before, as 2021 continues. While you are wanting to escape the stress of life, you may be wishing you had the love and support of a serious companion by your side. However, actually finding someone that you can truly count on may prove to be a struggle throughout much of 2021. While there are love life opportunities for you, you may be finding that these options are based on physical or fleeting circumstances. Emotionally, you are not going to settle for just anyone. The Solar eclipse in Sagittarius in December 2021, will truly light an internal fire for you to figure out your love life desires and goals for yourself. Early on in 2022, the planets are lining up to be more favorable for any Ram who is ready to settle down and achieve serious relationship-based progress.

For those in a relationship, you may face a reality check in that you have been taking your serious partner for granted (a bit). This may be an epiphany that comes to you while you do some soul searching around mid-2021. This is a period when you may be appreciating them for their good points. The gratitude may not be long-lasting though. The second half of 2021 could be a make or break time for your relationship, especially during the Mercury Retrograde period. Many of you will overcome the challenges and feel stronger than ever with your partner by early-2022. For those with less luck, do not fret. The major changes that you experience this birthday year can help your life path out overall. There will be another serious love life connection for you coming, probably sooner than you think. The first quarter of 2022 shows a time of peace and harmony for partnerships and love, so this is something for those struggling to keep in mind.

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If love life matters left you feeling a bit bogged down, don't feel too bad. Career and financial-related luck is almost a sure thing for you this birthday year. You will be having an uncanny intuition on who you can trust in the workplace. If your instincts tell you to ask for help, then do not be afraid to ask the right person when necessary. One blessing for you is the end of the year solar eclipse in a fellow fire sign. This will enable you to sort out your career-related goals and give you the positive energy you need to reach for them. This is not a year to lay low, but instead it is a year to aim for the stars. In early 2022, you may cross paths with someone who can benefit your career path in a major way. Be open-minded to the insight and opinions of others, and you will have that much more to gain. For those with career-related ambitions, it is a great time to be an Aries!

Financially, you may be coming up with some unique ways to make some extra cash on the side. You have a lot of energy to burn off this year, and some of you will be turning your hobbies and side ventures into some mainstream cash. Be careful of burning the candle at both ends, as there is a risk that you may end up focusing not enough on yourself and your personal well-being. Strive to take good care of the mind and body, especially around the fire sign full moons this coming birthday year. If you are not careful, you may deal with burnout which can affect your money-earning potential. Ultimately, it is a good year to work on savings, and save large scale purchases for your next birthday year.

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April 2021: Your birthday year starts great, with a new love interest on your mind. While those already in a relationship may be dealing with a moral dilemma, your single counterparts will be sure to enjoy the romance. Those with partners should be careful, jealousy and possessiveness could be issues for the relationship to face this month. Key Date: Around April 15th you will have a pull to be outside and to do something that encompasses nature. If you can plan for a date that involves the great outdoors (or even a good view from inside), you are sure to gain some positive vibes!

May 2021: Making productive changes regarding your appearance and health may be something that is on your mind this month. You have better luck at this time in starting a new diet or exercise routine, for example. Even something simple as getting an extra 15 minutes sleep could wind up making a world of difference to you. Don't be afraid to pamper yourself, dear Ram! Key Date: Around May 1st is a wonderful time to give yourself some pampering. While you are not always so focused on outward appearances, you might as well make good use of this opportune time to work on your sense of style. Anyone who feels like a bit of a makeover should enjoy this day!

June 2021: Your career path is on a roll this month! Ingenious ideas are coming to mind that can serve you whether you work for a company or for yourself. You may not know which idea to promote, so just write them all down and save the spares for a rainy day. This may be a perfect time to ask a mentor that you trust for some guidance. Swallow your pride, and don't be afraid to ask for some inner direction. Key Date: June 8th comes up as a day when you are at your most creative. Ideas and visions just are flowing through your brain. Don't hold back! Dream big this day for you may generate ideas and actions that can serve you for the days to come!

July 2021: Your home life may not be flowing as well as the career sector, this month. There is a risk of feeling some loneliness that you are not used to dealing with. You may be having a hard time finding the right friend to trust. If you are feeling too isolated, it is a perfect month to go out and make some new friends. Your current social circle may not always be able to fit your individual friend needs 100% of the time. Making new friends can be both fun and beneficial! Key Date: July 25th is one of the best days of the month for meeting new people that are positive influences on your life. Don't be shy! It is okay to talk to those who catch your interest, even if you are just looking for friendship only!

August 2021: Are you feeling a bit drained from all you have been experiencing and doing this year so far? Your body may be begging you for a break. Treat yourself to a vacation, and be sure to bring family and/or friends, if possible. While you can definitely be sure to get a little "me time" during your travels, overall you will have more fun and enjoyment with company. Key Date: August 14th looks excellent for a getaway that lasts as long as you are able. Whether its a day trip or a week long vacation, try to balance out your inner fire by traveling near a beautiful body of water! You can see how peaceful the water can be to your senses.

September 2021: Your work-related productivity is in high gear this month. The great news is that the important people are observing and monitoring your achievements. The bad news is that you may be outshining your co-workers. If there is any office politics to deal with, you are likely to face it head on at this time. Be sure to trust your valuable instincts which are more in-tune than usual. Beware of the two-faced individuals, and never let yourself get burned more than once by them! Key Date: There may be more risk of negative communication or misunderstandings around September 30th for you. If you are worried about having any confrontations with a fellow employee, you may want to double-check your emails before sending.

October 2021: You are especially drawn to romantic pursuits and adventures this month. The love interests may not be the best for the long-haul, but you could use some attention and TLC right now! For those with partners, try to plan some special date nights with them. Whether you go out all night or stay in, you are sure to make some beloved memories this month with your sweet heart. Key Date: You are feeling some cabin fever around October 28th. This is a good day to plan for a mini-getaway or even just take a day off of work! If you can find someone special to enjoy the day with, even better!

November 2021: You may be feeling overwhelmed by your "to do" list this month. While you are certainly ambitious, be cautious in biting off more than you can chew. Some days this month may have you feeling frazzled more than normal. Try not to fret for you do have the ability to overcome the challenges that are bogging you down at the moment. Key Date: You may be feeling most drained around November 3rd. This is a good time to call a friend or family member who knows how to provide solutions to your problems. You are not alone in having to deal with whatever is bothering you.

December 2021: As the year ends, you may be feeling nostalgic for the past. A love interest from your dating history may come to mind. Whether you contact them or they contact you, it is likely to be fleeting romance versus a permanent addition to your love life. That said, don't be afraid to have fun. This is a time in your life where you could use more entertainment! Key Date: The most fun day of the month will happen before New Year's Eve. Late December, particularly around December 28th, has you in a good mood to enjoy life. You are looking forward to what 2022 can bring your way!

January 2022: A small scare may occur at work this month, where you may be feeling underprepared for what is on the agenda. Even if you try your best, you may fall short a time or two. The good news is that support and even someone of significant influence on your career path can have your back. Open communication about what is on your mind is important right now. If something is bothering you, do not be afraid to speak up. Key Date: Your career path is most negatively impacted around January 3rd. The first part of the month may take you some time to feel back on top of things. Take good care of your health to avoid the risk of burnout.

February 2022: You may be getting more attention than you bargained for, during the month of love! You value your independence, even in a relationship. Your partner may not always understand this. Show them some compassion around the romantic holiday. Your drive for intimacy is on the rise, and so giving your love interest extra attention may be mutually beneficial! Key Date: You may be finding a need for alone time the most around February 20th. Don't feel bad for making yourself a priority. Treating yourself should be one of life's rewards. There should be no shame in giving a gift to yourself now and then!

March 2022: As it gets closer to your birthday, you may be feeling a bit down on the dumps. While your birthday may have little to do with the emotional lethargy, there is something that may be stressing you out more than normal with your home life. Is there a family member or something that needs to be done that you have been procrastinating on? This is a great time to take care of home projects, especially taking care of business that offers you peace of mind. Key Date: Your energy may be lowest around March 29th. Prepare in advance by not planning for any stressful meetings or projects (if possible) on this date. If you can give yourself a day off from the stress of life, even better!

Written By Sonya Starr Angel
Sonya has over 20 years of experience using her gifts to provide psychic guidance and advice to her clients. She really cares about her clients and often forms deep relationships with them. A reading with Sonya will give you amazing insights and clarity.
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Specializing in : Tarot Readings | Skills : Astrology / Psychic / Tarot
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