Birthday Horoscope
Happy Birthday, Scorpio! You may be up for some adventure and changes in your love life this coming year. At the same time, your career path may benefit from some introspection. Are you on the right path? Read on to find out what awaits you this spectacular birthday year!
While there is a lot of enjoyment to be had with life over the next twelve months, there is some need for evaluating your social life, as well. To the Scorpios who are most nostalgic for yesteryear-- beware of being too rooted in the past. Change and transition are coming to your social circle, and some of the changes may even be heart-wrenching. Your friend network may need some pruning, and there are some "weeds" who need to be pulled. You may want to consider who is draining you the most, and start there. Some social connections are certainly salvageable, but you will spare yourself some major drama if you center on protecting your heart and own interests. You may have the most trouble with male friends or relatives (especially Air Signs) in May 2021, around the Solar Eclipse in Gemini.

Single Scorpios have some very interesting dating prospects this year. There is a good chance that many of you will not be single a year from now! Even the most heart-hardened Scorpio may find themselves lowering their guard a little to a captivating new love interest. Love dynamics start to shift for the better after the "Great Conjunction" of Jupiter and Saturn at the tail-end of 2020. Your dating world may get shaken up, but the pieces should be landing in your favor. Don't be afraid to take the lead in your dating life this year. Sometimes it is about being at the right place and the right time. You are incredibly observant--if you find your instincts pulling you towards a magnetic individual, it may be worth taking the opportunity to introduce yourself, or to test the romantic waters in a more serious way. Love is bound to bring to you a little adventure this year!

Attached Scorpios may see that there are next steps to be had on their future love path, especially in mid-2021. Even those who are married already may find that their partner can still surprise them in magnificent ways. The only real warning comes up to not let yourself be blind to any "dealbreaking" faults that your partner may have. If you find yourself tolerating a mild annoyance now, it could turn into a bad habit that only makes you see red in the months or years to come. Aiming to improve communication matters with your loved one can truly benefit your peace of mind when hurdles come at you two. Stress from other areas of life, such as your in-laws or your partner's spending habits, is likely the true issue at large. Don't be afraid to speak up on what is bothering you, if you want a successful long-term relationship path. Like a shaken bottle, its not good for you to put yourself at the risk of exploding!

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While you may already have had a recent career change or promotion, there appears to be more time needed for you to truly feel comfortable with the career sector of your life. Additional need for change may be manifesting, especially when 2021 gets rolling. Many Scorpios will be able to use their blessed intuition to decide who is good or bad for their future career path. Making necessary social changes now, can benefit you later. You do not want to end up in the right-field but working with (or for) the wrong people. Take a good, hard look at your future goals and continue to shape your career path so that it is fine-tuned to your high standards. Those who are especially highly-motivated will find that this birthday year can pay off in business, financial, and career matters!

As with your career path, your financial sector is also on the rise this birthday year. The Great Conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter that awaits at the end of 2020 can help encourage you to take steps that help out your long-term financial future. Even if discussions about retirement and savings accounts bore you, be sure to not have regrets years from now when you look back! Finding a good financial advisor or mentor would serve you well this birthday year. Until you 100% know for sure how you want to allocate your resources, keep on saving up for the bigger financial ventures down the road.

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November 2020: The year starts out interesting with love matters this month for all Scorpios. Those who are in a committed relationship already will find that it is a good month to discuss future relationship goals. Serious love life discussions are in your favor right now! Key Date: The days around November 24th are ideal for communicating anything important. Whether you need to have a serious conversation about finances or want to take your relationship a step further, it is a good time to evaluate your love needs.

December 2020: As the year comes to a close, you will find yourself having some extra good luck with financial matters. What you are able to save right now will really pay off in the future when the proverbial "rainy day" happens. Finances may not always be going smoothly, but things should be less stressful for some Scorpios for awhile. Key Date: Your luck is highest around December 8th. If you plan to take any mild risks with financial matters, this date may be most advantageous to plan for.

January 2021: Don't be surprised if the year starts out with a serious love temptation. New romantic interests can cross the paths of single and attached Scorpios. You may be feeling quite impulsive, so try to plan ahead if you are wanting to avoid making any waves of drama in your love life. You may feel compelled to be sneaky, but getting caught is a risk to consider. Key Date: January 30th is when you're most at risk of communication conflict with a loved one. Double-check your text messages and emails before you send, to avoid making a major faux pas!

February 2021: Your patience will be tested this month at the workplace. Tension with a co-worker or two is brewing. Someone is severely getting on your nerves, and this is making your job a lot harder than it has to be. Expect for your workload to be higher than normal this month. Key Date: February 22nd is when you are most at risk of wanting to quit your job and re-do your entire career path! The good news is the tension will calm down as time goes on, but it does not make the hardest days feel any better. This too shall pass!

March 2021: Your motivation and positive energy is on the rise. This month provides a great opportunity to organize the parts of your life that have felt a little chaotic this year. If you have a to-do list, expect to get some items checked off as the month goes on. Key Date: Your energy is highest early in the month, especially around the 1st of March. If you have to multi-task much, this is the best day of the month to get a lot accomplished.

April 2021: You may be having a bit of an energy crash after last month. While your energy is not as high, you may notice that there is something that is weighing you down, emotionally. It is a great month for some meditation and self-reflection. Is life headed the direction you want it to go? It is not too late to turn things around. Key Date: You are at an energy low point around April 17th. The timing is right for a little downtime. Try to stay home if you can, and in the company of loved ones and family who are best at cheering you up.

May 2021: You are at risk of experiencing some drama in your social circle this month. Try to avoid bringing up topics that are extremely polarizing or controversial. You may accidentally start a verbal war when opinions are vehemently expressed by others that you are not agreeing with. Key Date: Tension with your friends may be at its worst around May 5th. You may not be feeling as close to even your bestie on this day. Other dates this month are best for spending with friendships and social gatherings.

June 2021: Career matters are going quite smoothly for you this month. This is a great time to put in a little extra on the job. Others are noticing your work ethic, and this can help you in obtaining a promotion or other career path boon in the months to come. What seeds you sow now with your hard efforts, can be reaped later for your benefit! Key Date: The days around June 21st are the best for your career sector of life. This is not an ideal time to take a vacation compared to more opportune times this year.

July 2021: Timing is much better this month for a little rest and relaxation. You have earned it after your hard work efforts earlier this year. You are ready for some spontaneous adventures. You may be feeling like going somewhere far away alone, but bringing at least one companion will be to your advantage during the course of the journey. Key Date: Traveling later this month, particularly around July 28th, is highly encouraged. The best luck with travel-related matters will be with you, along with the adventurous side of your spirit!

August 2021: Your intuition is off the charts this month! You can have a mysterious and uncanny sixth sense ability that can serve you well right now. Let your enemies hope you use your "power" for the greater good! One really interesting thing is that others will have a hard time deceiving you more than usual. You can see through lies especially, so trust your instincts. Key Date: August 18th is when your intuition peaks this month. If you have any suspicions about someone in your social circle, now is the time to get to the bottom of what is troubling you!

September 2021: Are your ears burning? Someone may be talking about you behind your back. Gossip is making its circle, and it may not be the most flattering rumor. If you are feeling something amiss with your co-workers, you may want to trust the alarm bells that are ringing. Key Date: Conflict and confrontation could happen at work around September 17th. If you don't have time for this nonsense, you may be tempted to take a "personal" day. Your co-workers will fill you in on what you missed, don't worry.

October 2021: Just in time for your next birthday, someone from your past is making a comeback. Your current love interest is likely to get severely jealous. It could be turbulent with love for a moment, but one part of you is enjoying the extra attention. Key Date: You are most magnetic around October 4th with your love interests. You are attracting all sorts of attention, even from people who you did not know existed! It is a great time to make new friends, if not a new romantic connection!

Written By Sonya Starr Angel
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Specializing in : Tarot Readings | Skills : Astrology / Psychic / Tarot
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