Birthday Horoscope
Happy Birthday, Libra! Your love life is in store for changes, as a new attitude overcomes you! In addition, your career and financial paths will experience growth that can make dreams come true. Are you up for the excitement ahead? Read on to find out what awaits you this spectacular birthday year!
As another birthday comes and goes, you may find yourself feeling quizzically "different" this year. In late 2020, the planets will encourage you to evolve out of the comfort zone that you have grown so accustomed to dwelling in. With the sun, Mercury, and Venus all transiting in Libra, the parts of you that are changing are inevitably going to find themselves at odds with the people who knew the "old you" the best. You will learn who your true friends are by the end of December 2020. While normally you do what you can to keep the peace, your inner voice will be screaming "NO!" at fair-weather companions who have had no problem taking advantage of you for far too long now. You are ready for some well-deserved appreciation within your social circle!

Single Libras may have the biggest social life shake-ups this birthday year, compared to those in relationships. Across 2021, you will be finding new ways to meet people who will undoubtedly turn into not only good friends of yours, but dating prospects as well! Out with the old, and in with the new! Your social calendar is clear for romantic adventures with fresh individuals who can keep your mind engaged. While you are marching forward to the beat of a new drum, be cautious during late May's lunar eclipse in Sagittarius. You may get emotionally overwhelmed by some of the big changes that have happened, and feel like running back to the familiarity of a charming ex-lover. As long as you have zero expectations for anything major to come from this, your heart will be safe. New dating prospects will likely be your best bet for anything serious in 2021, so be brave with allowing new people into your love life. This is a wonderful year to evaluate what you truly want in a significant other and life partner.

Attached Libras may find themselves feeling a little confined in their relationship, as 2020 comes to a close. The grass is always greener on the other side, as the saying goes. Your fantasies are on the rise as you notice some attractive newcomers popping up. Some of you may be tempted to cheat, or even leave, your long-time partner. Make sure that if you do leave, it is for the right reasons. One issue you may be dealing with is a need for a little breathing room from your partner. He or she may need some time to understand the changes that are taking place within you this year. Communication complications can create some major challenges for you during the Mercury retrograde in Gemini that lasts through much of June 2021. You can logically see your partner's perspective, but expressing your own may leave you feeling unusually tongue-tied. Assuming the relationship survives, the best chance for a more relaxing period in your relationship begins in July 2021. Romance and passionate excitement will be on the rise, so you will have plenty of time for healthy intimacy with your partner before your next birthday.

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You are bound to learn your true worth in the workplace this birthday year. Have you been investing your time in self-improvement? Taking advantage of opportunities to learn more, educate yourself, and gain additional skills will only increase your value. Your earning power is on the rise across the next twelve months. In 2021, June's Solar Eclipse in Gemini opens up some big doors of opportunity for you. Important conversations take place with bosses, mentors, and others who can help you to advance on your career journey in life changing ways. The ability to not bite off more than you can chew is something that will serve you well. Communication ability will improve as long as you practice and continue to work hard. This is a great year to aim for a promotion (or to invest in that business idea you have always been daydreaming about!).

As with your career path, your financial sector is also on the rise this birthday year. The great conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter that awaits at the end of 2020 is going to light some interesting fires in your life. Luck with income and financial matters increases once 2021 gets a chance to get going. One bit of advice to keep in mind is to not let your moods dictate your spending course. While you are not the most emotional shopper of the zodiac, there is increased risk of throwing caution to the wind when you are on a lucky streak. Just remember, all lucky streaks come to an end at some point! All in all though, financial matters should not be your primary concern once you start to enjoy the monetary consequences of your hard work. High-level expenditures, such as house or car shopping, are certainly on your mind as you get closer to mid-2021. It's time to enjoy the fruits of your labor!

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October 2020: The drama is a little much for you this month! October may be one of the more difficult months out of the upcoming year. Curveballs in various sectors of life can pop up, but you should be able to deal with most of them. Your attitude and tenacity is on point with what you are juggling in life right now. Key Date: October 4th is an opportune day to veg on the couch and have a Netflix marathon. Do something that relaxes you for the stress that you are bound to face later this month.

November 2020: Nerve-racking transitions are taking place at work. Whether it is high-level management changes, or just a new policy that gets under your skin, stay calm as you do your best to endure the stress that is sure to accompany the changes. Key Date: November 18th is one of the better days to approach your supervisor about an issue or idea that has been on your mind. People are listening to you this day, and that includes the boss!

December 2020: You may be tempted to go overboard on the spending this holiday month. Whether you have something to celebrate, or just want to end the year in style, keep in mind that not all expenditures are created equally. You may want to consider if paying for an elaborate end-of-year party is appropriate or not. Scaling back your expenses this month, can bring you less financial anxiety when 2021 gets started. Key Date: December 31st is the day to remember this month. While New Year's Eve is a hard day to forget in the first place, it is important to keep your social calendar open for a last minute invite or two. You may be party hopping this year like a good social butterfly!

January 2021: A bit of a dark mood follows you this month, as people find themselves crossing you the wrong way without even trying. You may have to take a timeout to realize that it is YOU not them who has the problem. Fortunately, bad moods can quickly come and go. You will be feeling like yourself again soon (just try to avoid drama potholes along the way this month). Key Date: The week of January 24th is when your energy may be more drained than usual. Strive to avoid big "talks" with your partner and important loved ones until you are feeling more yourself again.

February 2021: Trouble is brewing among those around you at the workplace. You may find it hard to trust and rely upon the people you should be able to count on. Whether it is a horrible boss or a sneaky co-worker, do your best to roll with the punches. Those who really matter are watching and paying attention to how you deal with stress. Key Date: February 27th is when the stress of the month reaches an ugly peak. Try not to plan too much for the day's to-do list because if you are too ambitious you will be disappointed at the day's end.

March 2021: Finally, you are enjoying the benefits of a lucky month. While things are going your way, you may enjoy unexpected boons and surprises that benefit your income and career path. While the blessings may not be truly life-changing, some good luck is better than none at all. Key Date: March 12th is when your personal energy is radiating to others in a positive way. You are especially charming, too. This is a perfect time to ask out that special someone. The odds are in your favor!

April 2021: April is meant to be a month of peace and prosperity for you. Enjoy the fruits of your labor at both- home and work. Family matters are going smoothly at home, and you are managing stress at work in the most feasible manner. You may even have a surprise boost to your income headed your way! Key Date: April 1st starts the month off on a good note for you. You are feeling in good spirits and also generous to boot. Your friends are lucky to have you in their lives!

May 2021: Last month was great, but this month finds you feeling a little lonely. Whether it is friends or a lover who you feel is neglecting you, you may want to turn to a mutual friend who can help sort things out. Misunderstandings are on the rise, but only temporarily. Key Date: ay 31st is when the Mercury retrograde in Gemini begins. Luck with communication matters drops this day, so be prepared and double-check your messages before you send them.

June 2021: You have bullets of drama to dodge this month. The best solution? Take a vacation! You are likely to be feeling stir-crazy at both home and work right now, anyway. Get away from home for as long as you can. Multiple mini-trips or one big adventure would be up your alley right now. Key Date: June 20th is the change of the season. If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, enjoy the longest day of the year and soak up that sunshine! Traveling around this date is highly recommended.

July 2021: Single or taken, do not be surprised if an attractive newcomer enters your life path this month. There are temptations around you, and secrets as well. You may want to do a little research on this individual. Thank goodness for search engines and social media. You don't want to be the last person on earth to find out there is a spouse connected to him or her! Key Date: July 7th is when love and intimacy energy is most fierce. It is a great night for a date with a trustworthy individual. Be cautious of seductive strangers who enter your life around this date.

August 2021: Family chaos has the potential to topple you over this month. You may have had your fill of certain family members. Whether there are too many birthday parties or baby showers, you may just be feeling like calling in sick... to a party! Yes this can happen! Evaluate your options, as you definitely do not want to disappoint your loved ones by not attending; but if it's your thirrd cousin's fifth bridal shower, you may be okay on skipping out. Key Date: August 11th is when your personal energy will be most drained this month. Try not to make too many promises or set yourself up for multiple obligations around this date. Your mind and body will appreciate the break.

September 2021: Loved ones may be taking advantage of you this month (and not realizing it). For those who do not realize it, a kind word is all that you need to say. Reserve reading the riot act for lesser friends who are pushing your buttons for the umpteenth time. Key Date: Practicing healthy stress management habits will serve you quite well around September 30th. You will need stamina to complete the year and enjoy the blessings you have worked so hard to manifest this past birthday year. Whether you focus more on your physical, mental, or spiritual health- you can't go wrong as long as you are able to take pleasure and pride in the benefits.

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Written By Sonya Starr Angel
Sonya has over 20 years of experience using her gifts to provide psychic guidance and advice to her clients. She really cares about her clients and often forms deep relationships with them. A reading with Sonya will give you amazing insights and clarity.
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Specializing in : Tarot Readings | Skills : Astrology / Psychic / Tarot
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