Birthday Horoscope
Happy Birthday, Virgo! Your love life is in store for serious action, whether you are single or taken! Your career and financial paths will experience some tests along the way. Are you up for the challenge? Read on to find out what awaits you this exciting birthday year!
Virgos may not be in the most festive of birthday spirits this year, with a greater risk for being more sensitive to the things that have the power to pester them in life. You may be feeling thin-skinned and peeved at friends and family who are truly having your best interests at heart. Your natural skill for analysis and critical thinking may cost you a friendship or two in 2020, as you may be too quick to act before thinking about the long-term consequences of your actions. One period to be especially cautious of is the Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio that begins in mid-October 2020. A dark, three-week period of high risk for drama, secrets, and miscommunication will be in effect. The good news is that 2021 has much more positive influences for your social life than 2020.

Single Virgos are all about action this birthday year! You have no interest in those who cannot walk the talk. While you crave communication with people that you click with, you are feeling antsy for those whose passion for love and life can excite all of your senses. This is not a year for you to sit by the wayside and watch life pass you by. Love life action with potential suitors who are most compatible for you is at a high point around the lunar eclipse in May 2021. The fiery energy of this Sagittarius eclipse is going to make your heart roam to romantic connections who know how to excite you in the bedroom. Even if this does not end up being the year you meet your soulmate, it is definitely a good year to enjoy the perks of singledom.

Attached Virgos may find themselves bumping heads more often with their partner, especially during the 4th quarter of 2020. These misunderstandings can turn into you finding yourself on the warpath against your partner, while the reasons for resentment grows even longer. Risk of a breakup continues as 2021 gets started with yet another emotional Mercury Retrograde in Pisces. One good thing to keep in mind about these difficult periods is that if your relationship can survive these trialing times, then it is likely that the partnership could withstand just about anything. As it gets closer to mid-2021, you should have the answer of whether your partner is Mr. (or Miss) Right or just Mr. (or Miss) Right Now.

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The relative peace and prosperity of last birthday year may be coming to a close for some of the Virgos out there. There is no need to give up hope just yet though. It is not that there is zero chances of growth, but the opportunities that come your way are on a more erratic path than usual (especially in 2020). For example, your phone may be blowing up with new job callbacks one week, but be dead silent the next. Any doors that may shut in your face this year are only going to lead to bigger opportunities in the long-haul. Sometimes not-so-good things happen for a reason, dear Virgo! Of course, you won't know until looking backwards months or years from now. Don't let your perfectionism get the best of you. Instead, let your patient qualities rule you until opportunities on the work front improve. Better luck with career ventures and side projects should be on the rise well before July 2021.

As with your career path, your financial sector may be feeling tested, too. The most prepared Virgos will not sweat too hard, for they have multiple resources to turn to when times with money get tough. Even the most spendthrift Virgos typically seek out the security of having alternative sources of income. Luck with financial matters improves when you get past 2020. Even the first quarter of 2021 is more on your side--thanks to a powerful conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter that has the power to bring you major monetary benefits. 2021 should help you get back on a more comfortable course when it comes to your career and finances. By the time your next birthday comes around, you will be ready for some smooth sailing!

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September 2020: You may be experiencing some post-birthday blues at some point this month. If so, strive to do something special for yourself. You know you can't always count on your friends to be as thoughtful as you can be. It is a totally fair time to treat yourself with the same kindness that you bestow upon others! Key Date: September 8th is the most opportune time of the month to spend a little "me-time". While you can't always treat yourself like this, you can definitely enjoy the day for what it is worth! Seize the day!

October 2020: Be aware of your social circle right now, for there could be a feud brewing in the background. To avoid harboring a grudge against someone you care about, aim to have crystal clear communication this month. You love spending time with your friends, but sometimes it's the little things that get blown out of proportion.Key Date: Dates around October 5th is when you are most likely to experience a clash with one of your companions. It is most likely a misunderstanding, so be sure you have all the facts before you come to any big conclusions.

November 2020: Don't be surprised if you notice stress catching up with you that is related to your career path. It is likely something that will have to be faced, head-on. This is not a lose-lose situation, but it may require creativity in order to be resolved to your benefit.Key Date: November 28th is when your energy is at a lower point. If you are feeling run-down, do what you can to get extra rest and avoid the triggers that rob your energy the most.

December 2020: You may be feeling a little too stir-crazy as 2020 comes to a close. It is time for a vacation (or at least a diversion away from the typical ordinaries of life). Planning and preparing is a great skill of yours. Anyone who luckily comes along with you on your ventures is bound to be appreciative! Key Date: Travels around the first week of December is bound to be the most rewarding. The best date is December 4th. The further away you travel from home, the better!

January 2021: Any money issues that you dealt with in 2020 are still forces to be reckoned with right now. This month is an opportune time to figure out your debts and expenditures that still need to be paid off. Luck with finances will improve, but the more that you plan ahead the better it will be! Key Date: Financial bad luck hits the hardest around January 10th. Stress may be harder to handle right now too, making for double the reasons to not want to get out of bed today!

February 2021: You may find yourself feeling more cranky and grumpy this month than usual. Love life luck is not at the highest point yet, and you are really feeling it when you see anything Valentine-related. Expand your horizons and focus on non-romantic sectors of life for your time and energy. There is luck to be had in other areas of life right now. Key Date: February 26th is a wonderful day for "self-care" versus caring for others. It is totally okay to procrastinate on calling people back today--especially romantic connections who are not on your good side!

March 2021: Your passionate side is coming out, as well as your inner charm! This month is much better for love life related progress. Singles have multiple love interests crossing their path, while those in relationships are craving for their partner in the most intimate of ways. It is a fun month for a Virgo who is need of love and affection! Key Date: March 3rd is when your love life gets a boost. Planning for big dates or nights out around today will bring you the most romantic success.

April 2021: Your instincts may be alarming you to some red flags going on at work this month. Troublemakers at work are not going to be laying low right now. If you take precautions, you will be able to avoid falling into any potential traps that should be seen a mile away.Key Date: April 25th is one of your more stressful days this month. Your work overload is piling up and you are struggling to find compassion from those around you. Expect to have to figure things out on your own, if you want the best outcome possible.

May 2021: You may encounter an issue with your partner or love interest later this month. The problem may have been stewing in the background for some time now. Before things escalate, you may want to ask your sweetheart how they are feeling about the relationship. You may be surprised to hear what is going on from an outside perspective. Key Date: The eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26th could have you feeling emotionally overwhelmed. It is a time to stay calm, as you will not be feeling this intense energy for too long.

June 2021: You are entering a period that is highly improving your career path, based on the choices you make. There could be several doors of opportunity to choose from. Do your own research, plus having a talk with your boss or a mentor could help to ensure you make the most of this beneficial timing. Key Date: June 11th has your work-related energy in full swing. This is very optimal timing for a big presentation, meeting, or project to get rolling.

July 2021: Yet again, you are finding yourself focused on romance and love matters. Singles may find that they can meet a prospective lover in the most unusual of places. Virgos in a relationship will be more likely to face temptation to potentially hurt their partner. Figuring out what you truly want out of a serious relationship is crucial this month. Key Date: July 18th is when love-related fortune is at its highest. Even if you do not go seeking for it intentionally, romance may strike hard around this date!

August 2021: As your birthday draws near, you may be faced with a big decision on what to do with a close relationship in your life. Whether it is your partner or a best friend, someone is in dire straights and they are stealing your time and energy unfairly. You will have time to consider what to do about this person, but the longer that you stall, the bigger the mess afterwards will be. Key Date: Stress with your social circle is highest around August 30th. You may be wanting to hide, but facing the challenges head-on may be your best course of action.

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Written By Sonya Starr Angel
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Specializing in : Tarot Readings | Skills : Astrology / Psychic / Tarot
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