Birthday Horoscope
Happy Birthday, Leo! Your love life is in store for some significant developments, as the chances for romantic progress is on the rise. Your career and financial paths will experience possibilities for growth and opportunity, as well. Read on to find out what awaits you this exciting birthday year!
The next twelve months will bring life lessons in growth and love that can stay with you for a lifetime. With the long-awaited great conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter starting this December, you will be entering a new 20-year cycle for your relationship sector of life. Don't be surprised if you feel like burning a bridge or two in your social circle at some point in the year to come. You will likely experience a lower tolerance for anyone who takes advantage of your big heart, generosity, or patience. Even if you lose some people fine-tuning your inner circle, you'll be bringing closer those who are truly the most important in your life. Expect to embark on a journey of self-discovery, especially when Mars goes retrograde from September 9th to November 14th. This period will allow you to collaborate with others and strengthen bonds to your closet family, friends, and loved ones. One date in particular that you may want to watch out for is May 26th, 2021. This total lunar eclipse in fellow fire sign Sagittarius will be pushing your emotional buttons BIG TIME. Impulsive decision-making is not recommended until your emotional stability starts to return in June 2021.

Single Leos may have more potential for significant developments this birthday year than those already in serious relationships. More than ever, this is one of those years where you are ready for a major transition. Change is scary, in general, for all the fixed signs, such as yourself. Planetary influences can help make relationships and love life transitions less overwhelming. You can break harmful patterns once and for all. Whether you are typically afraid to let the right person in, or just stalling on making a relationship official, you are more mentally prepared this year to allow your love life to move forward. It's a wonderful time to be more open to taking yourself off the market if you feel you've finally met the one. Chances for meeting new serious connections are also on the rise, especially come 2021. We're optimistic about where the next year will take you!

Attached Leos will also have opportunities for major love life-related growth this birthday year. Relationship transitions and next chapters are on the horizon. Rather than being tempted to stray in your current relationship, you are more likely to be craving growth and further commitment. You're likely to feel a need for reassurance from your partner with whom things are heading down the path of a long-term relationship. Fortunately, sincere communication with your sweetheart is going to be boosted. This open communication will peak around the Lunar Eclipse in Gemini on November 30th, 2020. Use this cosmic opening to have discussions about taking the next step. Come 2021, some of you will be planning for a move, engagement, or even wedding plans after these serious talks with your partner! The potential for big steps is limitless, especially for those who know in their hearts that their partner is their soulmate.

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You may still be adjusting to a major change in your career path that came about during your last birthday year. This birthday year may be more about adapting to changes versus complete stagnation or leapfrogging between job opportunities. For those who feel really stuck and desire to get out of their current career or job, there is more luck to be had professionally after October 2020. For Leos who are happily employed, perseverance can undoubtedly pay off. More peace and stability in your work path is ahead, especially when you get past the solar eclipse in Sagittarius come mid-December 2020. Those in the fields of legal/law, technology, and healthcare can benefit the most this birthday year.

Financially, some of you may be missing out on the feeling of total income-related security. There are opportunities to grow your income ahead, but you may have to adjust your habits and do some creative thinking. Leos who can use their creativity and think outside-the-box can find that there are more ways to make money than they may have initially believed. You already know the value of hard work, but expect more responsibilities than usual to be dumped on your already full plate. You may face situations where you feel obligated to pay a bill for a family member or to loan a friend some money. Your heart is in the right place, but your generosity can hit your savings account hard before you know it. It's a good year to add to your rainy-day fund and go easy with impulsive spending.

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August 2020: Your family is the center of your world right now, as relatives require your help or comfort. You may end up feeling like you're stuck between two family members that you care for equally. Remain strong and loyal to those you think deserve it most. Key Date: August 10th is a day where family stress may be at a more extreme level. Remove yourself from any disputes as peacefully as possible. Playing the role of the peacemaker right now may not go as smoothly as planned.

September 2020: A new romantic interest may catch your attention this month. Things could get dramatic if you already have an attachment to someone else. A fling may not be worth the cost of a serious relationship right now, so be sure to think before acting. Key Date: September 1st and the following several days will bring a peak to your intimacy needs. Sexual chemistry with others is high right now. Committed Leos, who are in love, will especially enjoy time in the bedroom with their partner.

October 2020: Luckily, there is less stress to be had for you this month as a whole. Your heightened sexual energy may still be pushing you to crave more intimate attention from your partner or love interest. This will create opportunities for growth and bring you guys closer together in your relationship. Key Date: Things are evolving quickly in your love life around October 8th. This is a great day to plan a special date that allows you and your partner to have serious discussions about your future together.

November 2020: Negative energy surrounding your career may be dragging you down a bit. It's not the work itself, but rather the environment and outside influences you are forced to deal with. Draining co-workers or bosses may be sucking the life out of you temporarily. Patience and boundaries for soul-sucking people are missing. Brace yourself! Key Date: Expect the negativity at work to reach new heights around November 20th. You may figuratively feel like punching a hole through a wall! Bring plenty of chocolate or caffeine to help get you through the day any way you can.

December 2020: Unexpected expenditures may come out of nowhere this month. Whether the furnace breaks or your car needs some major repair, you may be facing some financial annoyances at the very least. Getting the issue taken care of could drag on longer than anticipated, so be sure to stay on top of it with those you hire to help fix any damages. Key Date: Financial misfortune is more likely early in the month, before December 7th. Be especially wary of potential problems with your house or car, as you may be able to dodge some of those money-draining bullets.

January 2021: The new year may start a little slow for you and not have the typical excitement that a new year can bring. Your travel sector of life is showing perfect timing for trips and vacationing. You don't even have to stray too far from home. You may be surprised at all the fun that is just a road trip away. Key Date: Travels around January 10th can bring you fun (if flying solo) or the whole family. Great memories to laugh about for years can come through adventures around this time.

February 2021: February looks to be an excellent month for you. Less stress and more happiness await you. You will enjoy the extra attention from your love interest around Valentine's Day. Doing something special for him or her will boost your own happiness as well. Key Date: Valentine's Day and the days around February 14th are definitely the highlights of your month! You are into the decorations and the extra romantic energy that is in the air. This is a beautiful moment for you and your partner to feel extra close.

March 2021: Problems on the career front may be at the center of your attention right now. You may experience some momentary confusion on where your place is, or hardship dealing with new responsibilities you find yourself swamped with. Procrastination on deadlines will not help matters at all. Talk to someone who can help you the minute you start to feel too overwhelmed. Key Date: March 30th is a time when work-related stress is at a peak. The good news is that you are strong enough to get past this and can come out ahead in the long-term.

April 2021: You have already learned the hard way that life doesn't always go according to your grand plans. Even bearing this in mind, you may experience frustration with the bumps on the road that come with life itself. Your heart may be challenged this month when a loved one questions your ability to trust. Guard your heart as best as you can for some possible deception coming from your inner social circle. Key Date: You may be feeling especially moody around April 22nd. This is not a good day for others to cross you. The lion within you will come out if your buttons are pushed too hard. It may be a good day to lay low and for some alone time.

May 2021: The stress from last month may be taking its toll, as your energy levels are lower than usual. Sleep, nutrition, and personal health habits may not be up to par. Your work performance has the potential not to be as strong as usual, as you find your endurance waning. Focusing more on physical self-maintenance is a good plan for now. This low energy phase will undoubtedly pass, Leo. Key Date: Your mood and energy may be at the lowest around May 3rd. If you plan ahead, you can aim to take it easy this day (or at least get extra sleep the night before). Don't be surprised if you crash early this night.

June 2021: You are past due to catch a lucky break. Fortune favors you right now, and it's your lucky month! Your energy is back up to speed, and you may have more reasons to smile right now. Things are going smoothly on the home front, and even your work life feels more peaceful. Life is never perfect, but this may feel as close as it can get to it.Key Date: June 20th is when your mood is brightest this month. The change of the season will put you in good spirits to anticipate the fun that awaits within the months ahead. Your optimism is high right now.

July 2021: Your birthday year ends on a positive note with more chances for growth in your love life. Singles are finding themselves being wooed by multiple candidates (or at least being flirted with more often). Attached Leos are experiencing a significant phase in their love life that can bring about the next steps for you and your partner.Key Date: July 1st begins the month on a good note. Your passion is high and you're craving attention from your love interest. Seek him or her out and spend the whole day together, if possible.

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Written By Sonya Starr Angel
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Specializing in : Tarot Readings | Skills : Astrology / Psychic / Tarot
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