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Sascha White Owl
Top Psychic Advisor / Angel & Animal Tarot Master / Animal Tarot,
Guardian Angel Tarot, and medium.
Top Psychic Advisor / Angel & Animal Tarot Master / Animal Tarot, Guardian Angel Tarot, and medium.

Lately, it's easy to feel like Alice in Wonderland, who has tripped down a rabbit hole meeting lots of strange people and bizarre worlds on the way down into the unknown. In today's world even the most basic of tasks like going food shopping have been warped. The supermarkets are a mob scene, people are not allowed to shake hands, and there's a full-blown war going on over toilet paper! To get through this, curiosity about how to be positive in times like these is vital. If you know how to stay positive in even the worst situations, you will make it out even more enlightened than you came into this mess. One of the main tools that's important to address is spirituality.

how to stay positive in worst situation how to stay positive in worst situation

The thing we need most to stay positive during these times is spirituality. If you want to know how to stay positive and energetic while in lockdown, then now is the time to introduce a concept made popular by many Law of Attraction followers, 'PRONOIA.' This concept is the belief that the universe is continuously conspiring in your favor. This belief can be hard to adopt when you're bombarded with negative news everywhere you turn, but if you practice this principle diligently, you'll see that the universe does, in fact, work in your favor.

how to be positive how to be positive

So, how can we get ourselves on the hopeful track that the universe is an abundant place that always provides for us? How do we genuinely accept as a truth that 'protection,' 'security,' 'love,' 'wellness' and longevity' are not hard things to come by because they're our natural birthright? We resist fear-based consciousness and embrace 'PRONOIA.' Ultimately, spirituality is the knowing that our souls are resilient and abundant and not buying into stories that defeat the human will. Our souls by nature are built for the whole of eternity, so how can we tap into that feeling of certainty, knowing that continuity and rebirth are our spirits' default reality and attract that in our daily lives right now?

how to stay positive and energetic how to stay positive and energetic

In the Law of Attraction philosophy, your beliefs create your reality, and while it is essential to be up to date with current affairs, it is also important to be in control of our own thoughts spiraling. More importantly, we need our positive thoughts to be dominant in our daily lives; how to be positive no matter what. Therefore, how can we soften some of the beliefs that are being created right now in our current affairs that challenge our current perception of eternal wellness and infinite abundance?

Well, an easy way to inject some positive wellness into our day is through simple methods of meditation. You can start by taking slow deep breaths and reciting positive affirmations. I have created twelve mantras for your use at your leisure or to print out and incorporate them into daily practice. Please feel free to improvise and add your own to this list, the more, the merrier!

  1. I am safe, my soul is eternal, I am full of gratitude, I am thriving and well.
  2. In times like this, I thrive, I see a great side to humanity, people helping each other.
  3. I like knowing that the universe always has a plan, there is a big plan behind all this, I know it, I feel it and I'm attracted to the positive outcome of it.
  4. I like staying loyal to what I know to be true that - I am abundant by nature.
  5. I can use this time to rise and get clear about what I want.
  6. I like the idea of reinventing myself and coming up with new ideas to adapt and improve to the current conditions.
  7. It's fun to ponder positive outcomes.
  8. I'm always in control of my reality, and I can adapt to situations easily.
  9. I am a solutionist. I love solutions and surrounding myself with positivity.
  10. I feel uplifted by humanity, no matter what times are in place, I love the opportunity to be here doing my part.
  11. Things are never as bad as what they appear to be. I know that to be the truth – it is in my core.
  12. I know this situation is going to get better. I am strong and resilient by default.

how to stay positive how to stay positive

Another gentle and soothing way to keep our vibrations and good feelings high is to turn towards our hobbies or feel-good activities. This is definitely a great time to write in your journal, write that book you have always wanted to write, read, paint, draw, learn a new language, or catch up on some funny movies. The key to wellness and staying positive is about keeping your mood high, and your thoughts distracted and thinking about the things you most love to do. Cooking or learning how to cook, for example, is another way to enjoy a high vibration as the smells and the aromas in your home bring a good mood and positive feeling into the space. This is also an excellent time to devote some extra practice to self-care by taking a relaxing salt bath, listening to some meditation music, lighting some aromatherapy candles, and meditating. Alternatively, if you are short on time during your day, simply playing a fun game on your phone for two minutes or chatting with a close friend during your lunch break can reduce stress in your day.
Most importantly, these ideas are meant to help calm, soothe, and help your mood and vibration. Sometimes, we forget how to think positive and the effects of negativity, and since our thoughts are magnetic, they will pull in and attract other thoughts like it leading to a low mood. So, while it is important to stay up to date with the current state of affairs, please also be mindful of counterbalancing anything that does not feel good to your inner being by adding positive thoughts, affirmations, and fun hobbies/activities into your day. Just a few minutes of deep breathing, closing your eyes and petting your cat even, can have the most positive impact on your daily mood and vibration.

how to stay positive no matter what how to stay positive no matter what

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