Virgo and Cancer Compatibility

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The Virgo and Cancer compatibility rests primarily on the deep mutual admiration between these two signs. The Virgo and Cancer friendship tends be sincere and respectful. These Water and Earth signs can share a lifetime without tiring of one another. They are a well-balanced couple, with Virgo bringing their intellect to the table and Cancer bringing their intuition.

Virgo and Cancer Zodiac Compatibility

Both Virgo and Cancer have the intrinsic need for nurturing each other. It comes from the nurturing relationship between Earth and Water. Additionally, you are the healer of the zodiac system, and your Cancer partner the homemaker. Caring for others in the practical sense is more or less your duty. For your partner, it is more about taking care of loved ones and family on an emotional plane.

Given the Virgo and Cancer love compatibility, you will be relaxed when you are together. While Virgos don't trust people easily, you will have no problem with trusting your Cancer partner. You know you can always count on them. So, you will be able to let down your hair around them and share confidences you wouldn't dream of telling anyone else.

Although you are both worriers, you will dial it down when you are with one another. Your Cancer partner's intuitive outlook will help you to be less analytical about things that don't warrant it. Meanwhile, your Cancer partner will try to learn from your level-headed, rational approach.

Virgo and Cancer Strengths

Virgo and Cancer men and women are practical, sensible people. They are not going to go overboard in their friendships and love relationships. Their compatibility in bed and in marriage is more genteel than passionate.

You believe in long-term planning for your future, and you have the resourcefulness to follow through with it. Having a home and a family is very important for both of you. And once you have them, it will be a pleasant love affair. There will be equality in the Virgo and Cancer marriage, with each partner contributing and supporting the other. Your home will be beautiful and well-tended, filled with children and pets.

The entire family will be close-knit and so involved with each other, you probably won't feel the need to socialize outside of it. Even so, you and your Cancer partner will maintain your independence. While you want to be together, you can do very well on your own, too. Your Cancer partner won't insist on sharing all your activities, and you won't try to barge in on theirs.

Virgo and Cancer Weaknesses

Virgo tends over-analyze and nit-pick everything. Although you probably mean well, it doesn't always come across as such to other people. Even your trusted Cancer partner might take exception to your constant fault-finding and regard it as nagging. Cancer is sensitive and easily wounded. If you criticize them too much, you might upset them beyond endurance, and they will retreat into their shell.

Unlike your aptitude for expressing yourself, Cancer men and women are not very talkative. They may not say what they want until they are very comfortable with you. They are also emotional, and that might every so often clash with your tendency to be logical about everything. Virgo is a stable sign, and your Cancer partner's mood swings may frustrate you at times.

For the most part, the Virgo and Cancer compatibility is strong. The Virgo and Cancer relationship will be harmonious and free of discord. You may not go overboard with spontaneity, but you will usually know where you are headed together, and you will have a comfortable life.

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