Are Leo And Scorpios Compatible?

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Understanding the zodiac compatibility between certain signs can help you determine what you might be able to expect from a relationship with another. The compatibility between Leo and Scorpio could be difficult to achieve, but these strong personalities can create a powerful bond.

Leo and Scorpio Zodiac Love Compatibility

In love relationships, Leo and Scorpio compatibility isn't the highest of all the zodiac signs. In fact, these relationships can become complicated because both have strong personalities. For some Leos, meeting a Scorpio can feel like a collision. Leos tend to have strong physical desires in their relationships, which is an attribute of both men and women, so meeting another with a strong physical drive can lead to fireworks in bed. This type of relationship may start with more casual encounters, but could lead to more.

One of the most challenging aspects of a relationship with a Scorpio is intimacy. A Leo is  likely to see love differently than a Scorpio, so while physical needs may be met, a Leo may struggle to achieve true emotional intimacy with a Scorpio. A relationship between the two find tension in an attempt to achieve that bond. In some cases, relationships may fizzle and turn into platonic friendships.

Horoscope Compatibility for Marriage

When it comes to values, both Leos and Scorpios value clarity and honesty. Since the two zodiac signs share these ideals, they can create strong marriages if they can get past the intimacy struggles. When both partners are willing to communicate openly and honestly with one another, the chances of a successful marriage increase. However, compromise comes as a challenge to both strong-willed signs, so arguments are inevitable. Looking for the middle ground while remaining true to yourself is the best way to find happiness in a relationship with a Scorpio.

Struggles may also arise due to the possessive and sometimes jealous natures of both Leos and Scorpios. As a Leo, you need to feel adored, so compliments are a necessity in any relationship. A Scorpio doesn't necessarily need compliments but will demand respect from their partner, as well as the knowledge that they are physically and emotionally desired. Leos may be flamboyant, and a Scorpio can be an adoring audience, as long as they feel like an equal partner in the partnership.

Fire vs. Water Sign

Since Leo is a fire sign and Scorpio is a water sign, the two may cancel each other out, as the elements that guide them can cancel one another out. As long as each party is willing to keep their ego in check and make the relationship a main priority, the likelihood of success is high. Although petty arguments and disagreements may arise, and both must be willing to set aside their frustrations and realize that these fights are merely a distraction. The strong physical connection can also help strengthen the relationship after a disagreement.

Establishing astrological compatibility with a Scorpio can take work for you as a Leo, but doing so can create a strong bond that is both physically and mentally rewarding for both of you. Although a relationship between Scorpio and Leo may not always be completely harmonious, you can find happiness if you are willing to look beyond your view of your individual situations. 

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