World Predictions for 2019

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Top Psychic Advisor / 20+ Years of Experience / Psychic, Empath, Clairvoyant
Top Psychic Advisor / 20+ Years of Experience / Psychic, Empath, Clairvoyant
Get insight into what this year has in store for the world by a top psychic. This isn’t the run of the mill famous psychic prediction for 2019, it’s a thoughtful understanding of how the world is shifting and what it means for us.

Welcome to the wonderful and crazy world that we are in! It’s been a roller coaster ride so far. With polarizing politics, shenanigans and varying degrees of madness. You’d be excused to think that you walked straight through a portal into a different dimension. A place and time where all that you thought you knew was wrong and every one of your beliefs is either reinforced or flipped on its head.

The drama has been building on itself. People have been arguing about topics ranging from the silly to the uber-serious. This is going to be the year when a lot of that comes to a head. Where priorities will go from what we last saw in the news to the real issues that hit closer to home.

So here we go with the world predictions for 2019!

Oh What a Wonderful World

The first 2019 world prediction is a hot topic! Call it whatever you want - Climate change or global warming is here, and it’s not gonna get any better. Some will blame El Nino, some will say that it’s all in our heads, but the signs will be too severe to ignore. Tornadoes in places that never had them. Storms that never seem to stop. Winters that are short in some areas and way too long in others. There won’t be denying what is happening. This won’t be the year that the world gets it, but we’ll have more than enough to go on to know that it’s not just in our heads. Priorities are going to change, a bit at a time. Mother Earth is speaking, and we need to pay attention to her. Are you listening?

2019 Psychic predictions 2019 Psychic predictions

E.T. Call Home?

Remember Oumuamua? That cylindrically shaped asteroid that baffled scientists the world over? Well, a pair of Harvard researchers are raising the possibility that Oumuamua is an alien spacecraft. In a paper published Nov. 12 in The Astrophysical Journal Letters, the object "may be a fully operational probe sent intentionally to Earth vicinity by an alien civilization." Sound crazy? Not any crazier than airplanes and walking on the moon sounded like to us in the 1600s.

We are getting closer and closer to some kind of breakthrough. What was once considered impossible is nearing the realm of possibility. I’m not saying that we are going to be invaded by aliens. I’m not even saying that we will encounter aliens. But what if? Maybe we are getting prepared for the idea. Prepped for an encounter that would be so mind-blowing that some wouldn’t be able to accept the possibilities. Maybe getting us to warm up to it would be preferable to a head-spinning light show? Perhaps if they are out there, they mean us no harm. Maybe, maybe and more maybe’s. It’s worth a thought, don’t you think?

Truth is Truth

2019 is a year of truth. What was covered will be uncovered and brought to the light. The truth will be revealed in ways that will astonish some while feeding the flames of hatred for others. Denial will set in. Some will never recover. They say that the truth sets you free. The reality is that it can imprison you too. Imprison you to your beliefs, feelings, and thoughts. Some will never recover, and others will get a sense of satisfaction that will be fleeting. It’s only the beginning. An unraveling of long-held notions of what was right and wrong will not be easy. The light will shine through the darkness, and it will bring as much confusion as clarity. This year will be the year of revealing secrets, buried treasures, and uncovering of not so beautiful things. It’s all for the benefit of humanity. It’s a build-up that leads to happier days for us all. Growing pains are no fun but are essential.

Bouncier Babies

Crisper is a gene editing tool that was designed to help cure disease. That was the idea anyway. There is already word of babies with edited genes that would make them immune the to HIV virus. It’s not going to stop there. The dawn of a new generation of super babies is upon us. Who wouldn’t want their child to be immune from every imaginable disease, to have super intelligence to not only get A’s in school, but to basically re-write what is possible for humanity? Do we explore the possibilities and maximize our potential or do we stick to what is organic and natural? What if the future of humanity depended on it? What if those sci-fi novels aren’t so out there after all? If you could, would you sign up for it?

2019 Psychic predictions 2019 Psychic predictions

Love Will Be Key

This year will bring about a significant change in how we view each other and the world at large. I don’t want to use the word hippie, but if it works, why not. We are going to see a movement towards being more love-centered, forgiving and understanding of each other. This will come as a response to the almost brutal dialogue taking place on social media and elsewhere. The same energy that some of us are putting out to create havoc can be used to create an environment of love, peace, and equality. The world is changing. It's not for the worst but for the best. Even as things seem to be going downhill for some, it’s how we have always had to learn and adjust. Swinging from one extreme to the next to know what really works, what we want and how we want it. Even as brother fights brother, also as sons rise against their mothers, daughters will create peace. Grandchildren will speak up, stand up to the tyranny of opinions and the sense of entitlement that has pervaded the world at large. There is hope ahead. The mistake would be to believe the hype that all hope is lost. That we are headed for destruction or war. Believe me, the war is already taking place. It’s happening in our hearts and minds. Soldiers are equipped with cell phones and opinions, unable to come to their own conclusions, having lost their ability to think critically, they believe whatever they are told. At the core of it all is a need to be right. To address a wrong that may or may not exist. To bring a false sense of balance to the world without any care for how the consequences can affect others.

The push back will come from those who will be brave enough to overlook the slights that they have suffered at the hands of others. Victims will become heroes. The truth will be revealed in a way that will bring a lot of sorrow to some but joy to others. The world is changing for the better. It’s not about being on the right or left - it’s not even about being in the middle. It’s about finding a place that transcends all labels, identities or politics. It’s about how we are all one. Heart and soul. That’s the ultimate truth that will come. Attacking each other, demeaning and putting each other down will no longer be seen as the solution. Compassion, love, care, and patience will become the new norm. Love always wins.

These predictions for 2019 pertain to the world at large, but if you want to know what psychics have to say about your personal life in 2019, you can contact me for a psychic reading. Getting insight from a gifted psychic can help you be prepared for this year.
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