January 12 - 14, 2018
There is a certain beauty about being grateful for the things you have in life rather than constantly whining about the things you don’t have. One of the things you need to remember is that there’s six billion people on the planet who would gladly switch places with you, and likely another billion that would tell you to stop your bellyaching because you have no idea how good you really have it. Yet, this doesn’t stop you from thinking about being a dare devil lover that goes off and has illicit affairs with many people, all because you feel that need for a rush, that need to connect with someone on a physical level, and you don’t always care who gets hurt in the process. The Moon moves to Sagittarius on Saturday.Ascendant: You just want the thrill of the ride don’t you?
Even when it comes to doing things you don’t really like to do, you’re going to get through them with that smile on your face because it’s been a good week. Sure, there isn’t much in the way of romance going on, but you know, some partners love a clean house, or an organized garage or even just a packed suitcase for that vacation you’ll be taking soon. Whatever you’re doing to make things easier in your life, you’ll do them without complaining, and you might even be able to convince friends or your partner to help you out. I mean as long as you don’t get all grumbly things are bound to be okay. The Moon moves to Sagittarius on Saturday.Ascendant: Not every weekend gets to be about play time
You want to be supportive of your partner, but sometimes you don’t even know where to begin. I mean you think you’re a pretty good listener, you’re pretty sure you don’t judge them on a daily basis, but whether or not you find that your convictions and opinions match theirs is something else altogether. You’re pretty sure you don’t share the same opinions as many other people—even your partner, and if they can deal with the constant deluge of weirdness that erupts from that unfortunate truth, then you’re pretty sure you’ll be happy in the relationship for a long time. If they can’t take the weird, they should probably just tell you now so you can extract everything you know and like about them from your brain. The Moon moves to Sagittarius on Saturday.Ascendant: I mean you’re not trying to make someone like you here
Okay so you really do like having some company around you sometimes but it has to be the right people. You don’t hang out with just anyone, you want to be around people who have the same morals and interests as you, and you want those people who enjoy all the weird sides of your personality, because if they don’t, then you don’t want to tell them about your minor triumphs this week. I mean you didn’t move a mountain with your brain, but you might have chosen the paint colors for the hallway or came up with the best ice cream combo ever and that counts for something! The Moon moves to Sagittarius on Saturday.Ascendant: Sometimes the hardest thing to do is choose
You might not be having the best time with your partner, but you’re trying not to let the epic crazy person in you point out all the things that are wrong with the situation. You’d rather let those go for the time being and figure out how to be one of those happy-go-lucky people that don’t have to think about the logistics all the time because frankly, logistics are awful and everyone loses in the long run. The best you can do is try to work out a plan and hope that your partner will either contribute to the conversation or agree and not complain halfway through the plan. I mean if you’re on your way to the Bahamas, and you’ve already boarded the cruise ship you can’t exactly take that back! The Moon moves to Sagittarius on Saturday.Ascendant: No takesies backsies!
You know that talk is cheap and that the more you fill the air with useless words the more likely you are to end up in a place you don’t want to be. You need to choose those words carefully and if you haven’t got something important to say it’s probably better if you don’t say anything at all. Nobody cares if it seems like you’re a brick wall, as long as they know you care about them, that might be the only important thing you need to say. Don’t worry about trying to make it count by talking your face off, do something romantic and take your partner out somewhere or surprise them with a fabulous home cooked meal. You know there are other ways to show affection and you are well versed in them. The Moon moves to Sagittarius on Saturday.Ascendant: Show you care but not with words
It absolutely sucks that the people you don’t work with are the people who understand your work dilemmas the best. Like your partner, I mean they totally sympathize with everything that happened, and you love being understood on that level, but you know if you tried to work with your partner, all hell would break loose. So I guess it’s a bit of a conundrum because on the one hand you want to work with people who understand you, but on the other hand, the people who understand you are the ones who don’t have to work with you. That’s a pickle and it’s not one you’re going to solve this week so just do yourself a favor and enjoy the time with your partner. The Moon moves to Sagittarius on Saturday.Ascendant: All that work, life, balance stuff
If you don’t have to move, you’re probably not going to get up and do anything. You feel like you’ve worked too hard, done too many things, and you’re satisfied with your accomplishments to the point where you feel like you can retire, be happy and travel the world on a yacht with the love of your life by your side, your dog and maybe a parakeet because those things are evil little birds. The Moon moves to Sagittarius on Saturday and you’re done putting up with things you don’t have to do. You know if someone else can do it you’re probably going to leave things up to them, and instead focus on relaxing and doing a whole lot of nothing. Ascendant: Sometimes doing nothing is the best thing
You know that even the best of relationships don’t survive if the people in them don’t work on things. If nobody tries then there’s no real relationship to speak of, and the more you don’t communicate, the more you let your flaws permeate your bond with someone, the more you erode that strength you had as a couple. You know nothing lasts if it’s not taken care of, and sometimes you have to water the plants and cuddle the partner or else they’re going to feel like they’re not as important to you as maybe your humanitarian battles. It’s great that your social calendar is full of volunteer activities but don’t forget the little people in your world too. The Moon moves to Sagittarius on Saturday.Ascendant: A little spoonful of sugar does a lot of good
Learning new things can be a fun and rewarding experience for you and your partner, especially if you’re learning from each other, if you get a little student, teacher thing going on, or if you just decide to learn more about what the other is interested in through books or classes on your own. You know that understanding your partner also means knowing a bit about the things they’re into, and you know if they make the effort to learn about all that weird physics and intellectual mechanical stuff you’re into, then you can make an effort to learn about yoga and how to breathe. It might do you some good! The Moon moves to Sagittarius on Saturday.Ascendant: You’re never too old to learn something new
Wait, wait, wait, why are you always waiting for things to happen to you? I know it’s like no matter how often you say you want something, go after it, there’s always this waiting period, this time when you can say your part and then you have to wait, wait for the other person to say their thing, wait for them to show up, wait for them to figure out that hey you’re open for business if they want to come and get it, it’s theirs for the taking. Okay so maybe you’re not saying it quite as cheesy like that and you’re definitely not acting like a 7/11 convenience store, but still, you want some and you’re sick of waiting to get it. The Moon moves to Sagittarius on Saturday.Ascendant: Just do it already!
That was an epic disappointment if you ever came across one ever in your life. So I mean leave it to Virgo to take all the magic out of the magical, yes you found the right person for you after months on dating sites, you met them at a café and hit it off. Thanks Virgo for reminding us that thinking about something leads to acting on it and then acting on it leads to our reality being changed. You couldn’t have let the Pisces people believe it was some super power they possessed for a little bit longer? You had to go showing off all the strings and the secret compartments? Man, what a letdown this has been. The Moon moves to Sagittarius on Saturday.Ascendant: Damnit Sagittarius Moon! You ruin everything.

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