Tarot Card Meaning: The Five of Pentacles

Written By Advisor Rebecca Avoni

Two people sit in the snow, cold, improvised, and hungry. This is the imagery of the Five of Coins. Though no card in the tarot is truly negative, the Five of Coins Tarot card is about as close as it comes. The basic message, which applies to all questions, is that you are focusing on what you do not have, rather than what you have. You feel deprived, poor, and un-nourished.

In love matters, this card tells you that maybe the situation you are in is not the best for you. If inquiring into issues of commitment, this card tells you that even if a commitment comes, it will be hollow and not meet your expectations. When asking if someone feels deeply for you, this card says the answer is most likely "no." And if you are seeking advice on finding new love, the Five of Coins tells you to stop looking outside of yourself for love. Love will come when you turn inward and love the people who are already in your life. Romance will find you: be patient.
In money issues, this card is a major caution! The Five of Coins says "Whoa! Slow down! You are on very shaky ground!" Save, don't spend. If you are looking into employment prospects this card says that you have a fairly significant wait. Tighten your belt.

Though it is not always a pleasant card, the Five of Coins does encourage us to appreciate what we have, and be thankful for our daily blessings.