Tarot Card Meaning: The Eight of Wands

Written By Advisor Billy All In The Cards

As a card of the Suit of Wands, the Eight of Wands represents messages regarding both work and love traveling quickly. The eights of all the suits are signified by the Strength card of the Major Arcana, hence it also represents the inner strength of the interaction or situation. When the Eight of Wands shows up in a consult, it represents communication in a fast if not hasty way. Often it denotes texts, emails, or voicemails between two people -- any message that travels quickly.
From a foundational standpoint, the Eight of Wands shows us a nearly finished process, with the Nine showing us completion, the Ten showing us a cycle and change to a higher level, unattainable until the earlier levels have been achieved correctly. Reversed in a consult, the Eight of Wands shows us misunderstandings in communication between two people, just as quickly.

When you combine the deeper meaning of inner strength with those misunderstanding, you begin to understand the true scope of the effects of those misunderstandings which can become huge hurdles that need to be overcome to continue a positive interaction between two or more people. Being a Minor Arcana card, the thing to remember is that this is within the direct control of the people involved in the interaction, so being careful to make sure that both or all sides are clearly understood can help avoid potential conflicts.