Tarot Card Meaning: The Three of Cups

Written By Advisor Fruno

Whenever I see the Three of Cups Tarot card I look for a reconnection; a situation where trust of one's heart will be earned by both words and actions. Two hearts that were once apart will come together as one. However, this reconnection is not limited to romance alone but also includes business and the joining of past friendships. Further, the situation is always a pleasant experience as the energy is upbeat and the reunion is pleasing.

The Three of Cups can also be looked at as a positive sign that joy and happiness will soon appear, be it with investments or with life in general. Such happy occasions as a promotion at work, pregnancy, good heath, an engagement, or another happy life event will take place soon. The card symbolizes a celebration which has been earned.
Regarding work, the Three of Cups card is a very high energy sign. Money will be coming in, or you could find a new job and/or a promotion if you are seeking that. The mood in general in the working arena is very pleasant. This is the time to keep the faith and not give up on yourself.

With the reversed Three of Cups, you may find that financial stresses in life are becoming more frequent and they are starting to affect your relationship. If you are single, you may meet a new romantic possibility through friends and or relatives. This is the time to be much more aggressive with love, get out and mingle, pursue the one you love.