Tarot Card Meaning: Two of Swords

Written By The Kasamba Team

At first glance, Two of Swords may seem like a sad, ominous card pointing at one's emotional failures in life. After all, who would like to shield herself with two diagonal swords, wear a blindfold and a gray dress, and sit alone like that? But the truth is, Two of Swords is one of the clearest, strongest and most meaningful cards in the 78-card Tarot deck.

In Tarot, swords represent thoughts and mind. The woman in the card, carrying two swords in opposing directions over her chest, has conflicting thoughts about a situation. She wants to listen to her mind, and not her heart, hence her arms are crossed, silencing her chest and heart area. She is blindfolded and doesn't see what she needs to see.
Her reality is not what she thinks it is. The sea behind her only has tiny ripples. There are no big waves, and it is a beautiful blue. The sky above her is also serene, without a single cloud. There is a waxing moon above her, signaling positive change, growth of wanted things, and a good phase in life.

Given the dress and the hair, we're assuming it's a she. Females in Tarot point at one's subconscious, deep side. They symbolize one's true, inner self (and males symbolize one's social, outer self). We see that the woman in the card is sitting upright, in a confident manner. This tells us that one's inner self is confident, and knows that all is well.

When a querent gets this card in a Tarot reading, the message is clear: stop listening to your confused mind. Your thoughts are in conflict with one another, and this is not helping you. Your heart knows all is well. It's time to move on from what is making you suffer, and if you can trust your heart, you will move on to a much better, and healthy situation right away. The moon is with you. The sky, the sea and your heart are all with you. Listen to your feelings – that's how you'll get rid of the blindfold your soul has been wearing. That's how you'll tap into true knowledge.