The Tower: Tarot Card Meaning & Interpretation

Written By Advisor Fruno

What Is The Meaning Of The Tower Card?

While The Tower card has many different meanings attributed to it, the one consistent message that comes forth is one of change. These changes are significant and often associated with past actions we have taken. The Tower reminds us that there are consequences to the decisions we make and at times those consequences can be difficult or unpleasant. However, this in itself is not a bad thing, as even unpleasant life changes can bring forth a greater good in the long run. For example a divorce or a job loss can be unpleasant but it can open the door to better opportunities as time moves forward. Also, important life lessons are often learned by these changes, which give forth to radical shifts. These life lessons can result in better judgment in the future, which could, for example, prevent making wrong financial decisions and help avoid loss.

Permanent Changes

It is important to realize that the changes will not be easy. Instead, they will be those that can test your spiritual, mental or physical well-being. It is time to prepare yourself for the disruption and chaos that will follow. The changes are often permanent and cannot be undone or reversed. Decisions made following such changes should be carefully made as they will also affect future changes in one's life.

The Tower Card Upright Card Meaning

The upright tower reflects a huge change, a surprise, or a situation that arises that is not even expected. It may be painful, but a huge revelation will indeed be coming your way. When this does happen, it’s important to understand that while this revelation may hurt you, and change your life, it will always be for the better. You may feel like everything is crashing before your eyes, that your life is in fact unstable with a lot of lies and misinformation. There will be feelings of falsehood and challenging emotions when this major revelation occurs, but again, this card urges you not to fear as in the end, it will all be for the better. Let the destruction take place, because greener pastures are almost guaranteed.

After this experience, you will only come out stronger, wiser, and more mature. You will know what you want and you won’t let anyone toy or play games with you again. This tower experience can only bring positive outcomes and change you for the better.

Love & Relationships Upright Tarot Meaning

This card signifies destruction and the same goes for love and relationships. If the question has to do with your love and intimate life, you can expect a break-up or divorce. Your relationship is like elastic, being stretched and pulled from either ends, until it will finally snap. However, it is possible to survive this whirlwind, and if you and your partner still stay together after the storm, then that means your relationship will be stronger as ever.

Career Upright Tarot Meaning

When it comes to career and financial security, this card indicates some bumpy roads ahead. That’s why it’s important not to take any financial risks since it may turn out being disastrous. Those who are seeking new jobs or careers could actually find themselves with a better job position. Sure, there’s endless amounts of stress involved but you;ll reap the benefits in the end.

The Tower Card Reversed Card Meaning

When the card is in the reverse position, The Tower reveals that the difficulties associated with change will not be as unpleasant as anticipated or that perhaps disastrous circumstances can be avoided. The reverse Tower can also be a warning of hidden forces at work, secrets being kept from you all of which can put you in harm's way. It is time to take positive actions to avoid dead-end situations, even though it may be difficult and hard to go through the changes involved.

From a personal perspective, this card means that you are going through personal turmoil and resisting change. When the tower card is reversed, the turmoil as mentioned actually comes from within; instigated by you. This card is a warning sign that you should continue forward with a new perspective on life because your old ways of thinking are to your detriment. There’s an opportunity for growth and transformation and should be taken advantage of before it’s too late.

Love & Relationships Reversed Tarot Meaning

When the tower card appears reversed, this means the end of a relationship is near. You intuitively know it’s over but owing to many reasons, you don’t actually want to cut the cord. This card signifies change, and that if something is broken, you need to move on- as much as it hurts. For those who are single & dating, the tower tarot card reversed means that you have avoided a narcissistic relationship.

Career Reversed Tarot Meaning

Keeping your head above water is the best definition and meaning to give to a reversed tower card. Even though you’re going through difficult circumstances, you still manage to keep afloat. Also, taking up a challenge may be good for you in terms of career advancement.


The tower card represents change. Whether it’s change within relationships, yourself, or career, there’s a lot of food for thought should this card appear during your online tarot reading. As disastrous as it may sound, there’s still a sense of victory and triumph in the end. To get full details, be sure to chat to an online tarot reader.