Tarot Card Meaning: The Six of Cups

Written By Advisor Fruno

If you were going to pull one Tarot card and seek guidance, the Six of Cups would not be the card you would be looking for -- the reason being that the Six of Cups in itself has no clear meaning. However, when you look at where the card is placed in a reading, such as the present, past or future position, a clearer interpretation becomes available. Also, the same is true when we look at what cards are associated with the Six of Cups.

In the present position, the Six of Cups reveals that trust is easily given instead of being earned. There is a real danger of being caught up in the moment so that consequences of one's actions may not be considered. Decisions are made out of emotions instead of being based upon logic.
When the Six of Cups is in the past position, there is a cloud of protection which comes from wisdom. This knowledge will help keep you out of emotional harm's way. At the same time, life lessons from past relationships give way to an understanding of issues in your current relationship. However, there has to be balance between the present and past. While there are life lessons to be learned from the past, we should not judge those in our current relationship based upon actions from our past, as we would not want to be judged in this way ourselves.

In the future position, the Six of Cups reveals positive changes will take place as time moves forward. This is true on all levels such as career, love, and finances. This is the time to enjoy our past efforts and patience. Good things come to those that can wait and so it will be with this minor arcana card.

The reversed Six of Cups tells us to stay in the present and not to get caught up in the past. In the area of love, such as in committed relationships, it is time to deal with life issues which have been avoided. The time is now to make efforts both with love and work. Trust your inner voice but when you sense a need for assistance, ask for help. This is especially true in the area of finance and work.