mercury retrograde 2016 Virgo mercury retrograde 2016 Virgo

When is this Mercury Retrograde?

This year, as we head into another Mercury retrograde from August 31st to September 23rd, the words, "don't push your luck" take on particular relevance and not least because of the Mercury retrograde period. Rather, it is the other transits which surround this period and touch directly on the degrees Mercury retrogrades that will hold the key to how this period may play out for you.

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo

On the bright side, on the week before Mercury turns retrograde both Venus and Jupiter come into contact not only with each other but also with Mercury. Venus and Jupiter are both planets most people would be jumping up and down with joy to have transiting together.

Venus is the planet of love. Jupiter the planet of luck.
You don't need to be Einstein to put these two planets together
and know you are in for a lucky period in your life.

However, as the planets are always moving and the following week is highlighted with Mercury turning retrograde, you may wish to keep in mind that all this may change. Mercury may cause havoc with communication in your love life and all the luck in the world may not be enough to save you from the upheavals, especially with communication, a Mercury retrograde can cause.

Planetary Influences During This Time

Mercury retrogrades in Virgo, a sign ruled by Mercury where it will feel right at home. It first retrogrades at 29 degrees Virgo and turns direct at 15 degrees Virgo. It also encompasses the last 10 days Jupiter will be in Virgo for another 12 years alongside 2 eclipses. These planetary aspects can set the stage for all manner of changes in your life, especially where the eclipses are concerned.

mercury retrograde

At the best of times, you don't want to be making too many changes around an eclipse and with the Mercury retrograde, you need to be doubly vigilant not to rock too many boats. In other words, when you see something changing in your life don't fall into the trap of making matters worse. Mercury retrograde is already telling you that communication may not be the best during this time and the eclipses should serve as a warning that communication may not only be a bad idea - it could blow what is a small problem into a full blown traumatic situation.

The first eclipse during this Mercury retrograde is a solar eclipse and occurs on September 1st at 9 degrees of Virgo forming a square to Mars and Saturn. It also incorporates the moon's node giving situations around this time a sense of fate. This is a time to try and hold back opposing emotions you may be feeling. If you think it is a good time to act on what you are feeling or seeing in a situation, think again, count to 10 or just do anything that stops you from making a bad situation any worse.

Mars and Saturn are not the best of buddies. Mars pushes you into action whilst Saturn holds you back so together they bring frustration. With Mercury retrograde you may already be feeling more frustrated than usual. The trick is to not act or react. Bide your time and do what Mercury retrograde is best at... planning your next move without acting upon it yet.

What’s good about this Mercury Retrograde?

Another date to watch for is September 16th when a full moon lunar eclipse occurs. About 10 hours before this happens the moon will be in opposition to Mercury retrograde which again will be urging you to act or react to situations around you. If you have managed to get through the preceding weeks without any issues then don't make matters worse by doing anything to change this now. Bide your time, plan your move and wait till the timing is more in your favor.

Perhaps the biggest clue to this Mercury retrograde period is that through its entirety, very closely to the retrograde dates, Venus will be moving through Libra. As Venus rules Libra (and love) then it can help to buffer some of the negatives Mercury retrograde usually brings. If you get into any problems look towards October 11th and 12th when Mercury and Jupiter come into alignment in Libra. This is a time when you may finally feel free to speak your mind and know that you are finally being "heard”.

Now there's something to put a smile on your face!

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