summer solstice 2016 summer solstice 2016

The Passionate Energy of the Summer Solstice 2016

We are now entering the summer season, which represents fertility, inspiration and rebirth. This energy gives rise to colorful fruits, both out there in the world and in our inner worlds, which we will sow at the end of the summer. So, this time of the year is really an opportunity to renew, add zest and color to all areas of your life.

Astrological Aspects

This summer, astrology too helps us manifest happiness, as Mercury will be in a direct motion and will empower us to choose and manifest a happy and a satisfying reality. But then Mars will enter Scorpio in retrograde motion and will move direct on June 29th. Mars can bring challenges when in retrograde motion and plans may have to be rearranged. We could see delays in moving forward for future goals. But this is a temporary phase, and not the defining factor of this summer. Remember this if things seem to go wrong.

Saturn, the planet of ambition and lesson, will too remain in retrograde through the month of June. Saturn is a slow-moving planet and is currently in Sagittarius. This is great news as there could be a release of pressure, especially felt at your work place or career endeavors. Those who have been dealing with financial issues will find solutions that are of long-term and stable nature.

So, what’s the Summer Solstice?

It is the day that marks the turning point between the longest day and the shortest night. After the Summer Solstice, days will start to become shorter and nights longer.

When is the Summer Solstice?

The summer solstice will arrive just a day after the full Moon in Sagittarius (June 21, 2016).

What’s significant on this date?

This also will be the second full moon in the same sign in the last 30 days. Having 2 full Moons, back to back in the same sign is unusual, not to mention very impactful.

This period will illuminate our consciousness and increase our ability to relate to what is foreign to us. It will bring talks about philosophy and higher knowledge of the world. We could see or hear foreign policies changing in some countries. Religion and higher learning could have new and much welcome influence in our lives.

The summer season is the only time period where the Sun is in its own sign (July 22 to August 22), which is a period of increased outdoors activities. Nature reaches full maturity and manifests all possibilities. The energy goes outward, toward the event and to the connection with life and with others. Thus, we see that we are the active agents of our expression in physical reality.

when is the summer solstice

Summer Solstice and Love

Enjoying the sun, connecting with nature and being social is the best way to manifest desires this summer. The Sun will be shining bright in the sky and the universe will be supporting new friendships and love connections.

For those that are currently single,
once Mars turns direct on June 29,
the energy will become more sensual and very sexy.

This summer, at the astrological level, is a particularly good time for change, to start new projects and to meet new people. The Sun will pass three signs of harvest, Cancer, Leo and Virgo. With Jupiter direct in Virgo, there will be an abundance of health. But details will depend on each person’s individual astrological aspects, based on their time and place of birth.

With Jupiter in Virgo trining Mars in Scorpio,
there is no better energy and time
to meet a compatible love match.

If you would like to know how you will personally benefit from this summer’s specific celestial energies, I would suggest getting a birth chart reading. And to see how your love forecast looks for the summer, simply get a love reading.

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