The Justice Tarot card for mobile The Justice Tarot card for mobile

Tarot Card: Major Arcana XI, Justice

Sitting between two pillars, wearing a green cloak with two lapels, holding a two-edged sword in one hand and scales with two pans in the other, Tarot’s Justice represents your soul-self making a destiny decision between two critical choices: Will you continue your life as it is, or will you take real action to change?

When Justice appears in your life, it means your soul has had enough. You now want true satisfaction and deep meaning, but to achieve these, you must evaluate your outer life using inner wisdom. You must be brutally honest with yourself and do this as an act of self-love.

The Scales of Past and Future

Justice is Tarot’s “karma card.” The two scales in the card represent your past and future – are they balanced? Do you know what you need to do to be able to move forward with clarity? Or, has your past shaped your future expectations? Do you expect men to act a certain way? Do you feel like you keep dating the same man over and over again? Tarot’s Justice is universe’s way of yelling, “Stop!” at you.

Zodiacal Features

Justice is associated with Libra and Libra energy symbolizes inner balance. Are your inner feminine and masculine sides working together? Do you want to be completely independent on the one hand, yet surrender to love on the other? Libra energy reminds you that only when your intentions aren’t sabotaged by your own emotional battles, you get what you want.

Clearing Your Love Karma

The amazing thing about dating and love is that you always end up attracting what you need to work on in yourself. This isn’t a punishment or a moral requirement. This is universe’s way of helping you to grow and Tarot’s Justice is a sign: you’ll free yourself from the past and from repeating patterns only by becoming conscious of what you are feeling and doing. Ask yourself:

  • Deep down you believe you deserve true love?
  • Do you appreciate yourself and your worth? Or, do you put your heart on a silver platter when the other person is used to eating on paper plates?
  • Are able to keep your feet on the ground when you meet someone new and exciting?
  • Do you know what your goals are and do you stick to them?
To clear your love karma, start anew. Your past relationships are in the past - stop feeling guilty, unworthy, or any other negative emotion about what happened. To have an open heart and a beautiful future, you need to have a positive outlook.

Justice and Your Career Choices

If your career is the main issue in your life right now, Justice is a good indicator that you don’t know your own worth. You can do, be, and have more, yet somewhere along your life path, you agreed to doing, being and having less.

Money is a form of love – it exists to give you fulfillment. So why aren’t you letting it in? What’s the resistance? If the problem is your work environment, then, what’s making you stay where you are?

Tarot’s Justice holds her sword upright, meaning you need to be direct and totally rational about your answers. Compare the time and effort you are putting in versus the money and satisfaction you’re getting using your soul’s own scales. Is your job a fair deal for you?

Free Will And Psychic Justice

According to the Tarot, you have free will, but to use your free will, you must be conscious of your past baggage and your present choices, emotions, and intuition. When you don’t know yourself well enough, your free will can get clouded by inner judgments, insecurities, expectations that were formed in the past, and other negative feelings. Tarot’s Justice comes to your life exactly when your soul is ready for change. It is time to become a new person – how you go about it, is yours to decide.

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