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First, let's take a step back and answer, what are Runes? A Rune is an ancient symbol originating from ancient Nordic languages, like those of the Vikings. These symbols represent all matters of the Universe, and are often carved onto ceramic tiles. Rune Casting is essentially the practice of taking lots, where these stones are drawn out from a velvet pouch after a question has been formulated and dropped onto a cloth. Those who are experienced readers of the Runes are able to interpret the symbols, as well as how and where they land, in the context of your question. The Runes can shed light on potential issues or opportunities, as well as certain inevitables in your destiny.

The runes are a series of ancient symbols, each with a different meaning. Some are references to Norse gods, while others are matters of the world such as livelihood and love. On the basic level, they can be read aloud phonetically, as each rune is also a letter that can correspond with modern English. The rune caster has to pay special attention to the order that each rune is drawn out in the technic where the rune tiles are drawn out one by one. Where a handful are drawn out and cast onto a cloth, the caster must interpret the location of each tile, and whether they are facing upward and downward. Those who have learned the skill of rune casting can use all of this to interpret your past, present, and future. You need only to ask.
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