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Cartomancy is one of the oldest forms of fortune telling. In cartomancy, a card reader, also known as a cartomancer, uses a deck of cards to understand your present and see into your future. They give answers to yes/no questions. They also explore situations through specific card layouts that include several cards.

The Tarot has become synonymous with cartomancy, but Tarot is actually a form of cartomancy. It is one deck among many, used for divination and revealing secrets. Playing cards, on the other hand, is the most widely used cartomancy deck.
In a cartomancy reading, you ask your card reader questions, and they pull out a specific card or several cards, depending on the complexity of your question. They interpret these cards to give you an accurate answer. Depending on the cards they pull, they can see the persons and the events in your life, and what the future holds.

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A cartomancy spread is the specific card layout your card reader uses. For example, in the 3-card spread, one card represents the past, another represents the present and the third represents the future. There are more complex spreads, such as the 13-card Celestial Circle, 7-card Horseshoe, the 13-card Horoscope Variation etc.

Depending on your questions, the time frame you want to cover and the area of life you want to explore, your card reader will choose the right spread. The 13-card Celestial Spread, for example, offers a yearly reading of your life. Twelve cards represent the upcoming 12 months, while the thirteenth card represents you. The 7–card Horseshoe answers specific but broad questions, such as “How can I find love?” The 13-card Horoscope Variation spread is similar to the Celestial Circle in that they both require 13 cards, but the cards have different meanings.

There are many more spreads and your online card reader knows which to pick to best answer your questions. You can request a cartomancy love reading, a general reading, or get more specific by asking about the particular issues in your life.

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