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There are different kinds of psychics, each with their own unique talents and psychic skills. Some are gifted to understand and strengthen the deep bonds of love between people, while others connect with the spiritual hearts of animals and plants.

Here, Kasamba’s top pet psychics explain everything you wanted to know about how pet psychics do what they do.

Pet psychics, also known as pet communicators, animal intuitives or animal communicators, telepathically talk to pets, and let you and your family know what your pet has been feeling, lacking and desiring. Each pet is unique and has individual needs, wants, tastes and preferences. Your pet is naturally wired to sense your emotions and thoughts, but if you’re like most people, you can’t read their emotions and thoughts as clearly as you’d like.

Pet psychics telepathically sense your pet’s needs and wishes and translate that information to plain English for you.

If your pet exhibits unusual behavior, you may not understand why. Pet psychics help you decode your pet’s behavior and give you advice. Sometimes, it may just be that your pet wants longer walks! Or, he really wants to go to the dog park more often. Your pet psychic will tell you whatever it is your pet is trying to tell you, so you can have happy pets and a happy family.

Some pet psychics also communicate with deceased pets. If you want to communicate with your departed pet, pick a pet psychic and use your free minutes to find out if they can do this (more on your free minutes below).
Let your intuition guide you. Check out online pet psychics’ profiles above and see who you are drawn to the most. Read profile information if you’re looking for a specific psychic skill, such as communicating with your departed pet friend. You can also view ratings and written reviews.

Try out 3 different pet psychics with 3 minutes FREE. Feel if the connection is right and if you’re happy, stay for a detailed reading.
  • Is your pet happy? If not, what’s bothering them?
  • Is your pet in any pain? Is there a health issue you should attend to immediately?
  • Does your pet get the right kind and amount of attention?
  • Does your pet want a pet friend?
  • Does your pet like their food?
  • Why does your cat not use the litter box?
  • Why does your dog bark, destroy, dig, or scratch?
  • Why does your dog bite?

Spiritual & emotional matters:
  • Why did your pet choose to live with you? What’s your spiritual lesson?
  • Are there things you can do to connect deeper with your pet?
  • Names carry energy. Does your pet like their name?
  • Was there abuse in your pet’s past? What happened?
  • Why does your pet have compulsive behavior? What’s the reason behind it?

For departing/departed pets:
  • Is putting your pet to sleep the right thing to do given the circumstances?
  • Does your pet need help to cross over?
  • Does your pet know how much you love them?
  • Is there something your pet wants to tell you before this goodbye?
  • Is there something you want to ask or tell your departed pet?

Don’t hesitate to ask your online pet psychic all your questions. Don’t underestimate small matters – what’s a detail for us may mean the world to our animal friends! Pick a top pet psychic above, and change your and your pet’s life today. Your pet is worth it.

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